DApps that Pay: EOSHash & the new Lottery (+ Bonus for Steemians)

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DApps that pay is a series of articles that explores blockchain-enabled applications that pay dividends to their token holders. Contrary to the claims of mass media, blockchain-enabled businesses do make money.

Every year, tens of billions of dollars flow through lottery systems even though conventional lotteries have a large house edge as a large portion of the funds collected by the lottery are retained by the organizer. Lotteries are extremely popular but they are poorly governed, involve large commissions, and are, usually, not provably fair.

Blockchain technology provides a means with which lotteries can be held in a provably fair environment and the retained funds can be brought to a minimum as on-chain transactions make the operations of a lottery economical.

EOSHash is a gaming startup that has launched a recreation of the lottery while including the benefits blockchain provides: provably fair and low percent of retained funds. Moreover, in an effort to create a truly decentralized ecosystem, the platform’s revenues will be delivered to token holders in the form of dividends.

Decentralized Lottery & Games

EOSHash is a gaming hub that delivers winning numbers through, as the name implies, EOS block hash. Thus, the system remains provably fair as the game’s founders and operators have no control over the winning numbers. The platform is designed to support a number of major games while retaining its community-centric, decentralized nature by funneling revenue to token holders.

DappRadar began tracking the platform just 7 days ago. Since then, EOSHash has climbed the ranks to become a top 10 Dapp, and over 1,200 EOS have been collected in the dividend pool; the dividend will take place on January 20th.

A Unique Lottery

While lotteries typically conclude after a year or after all tickets/tokens have been sold, EOSHash has designed a lottery that runs every 60 seconds.

At the start of every minute, a new lottery commences and anyone who has access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies can enter the draw. At the end of the minute, the first 5 EOS block hash that end with a numeric character tally the winning numbers.


At the end of Round #25797022, the first two hash had an alphabetic last character and so they were skipped. The following 4 hash a numeric last character in the order 6, 8, 8, and 9. After one more hash skip, the fifth number, 2, was plugged. Thus, the blockchain’s hash decided the winning numbers of the lottery.

The lotteries rewards are allocated as such:

Dividend Distribution

EOSHash is already functional. While the only activity presently available is the lottery, the platform will soon launch a large number of games. The platform’s native token will give rights to dividends from revenue collected from all games.

Given that the project is live, there is no ICO. Instead, tokens are issued to the community for free. For every $10 used to take part in any of the platform’s games or the lottery, the player will be issued 1 HPOINT; these tokens can be used to purchase HASH tokens. Community members who stake their HASH tokens will get dividends from the platform’s revenue.

When HPOINTs are used to buy HASH, 20% of the HPOINTS are burned, 30% will be added to a jackpot, and 50% will be given to community members who held HASH tokens at the time of any HPOINT-to-HASH redemption. HASH tokens have a fixed supply and once all dividend-earning HASH tokens have been distributed among the community, the only means of buying them will be through an exchange.

Exclusive Bonus for Steemit Users

EOSHash is offering Steemit users the opportunity to have 3% rebate on all lottery entries.

This rebate will also be applicable to all the plays made in the games that will launch on the platform in the future.

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Interesting, good info.

good spam xD

Yup, Crypto changing the world one topic at a time, before you know it, peoples jobs will be paying them with Crypto on their paystubs. From lotto to retirement to lawyer contract agreements. Tighten your seat belts.

Imagine just using your upvote to "buy" the lottery ticket, or delegation and you automatically get entered into a lottery pool at no cost to yourself if its deducted from the money you get from your upvotes anyway...

That is actually a really good idea!

Thanks for sharing! I registered using your link, so you should see some nice ref-rewards :)

Edit: So how can I earn dividends? I bought 1 HASH on an exchange, do I have to do something with it, or just hold it?

Re-Edit: Ok, I found the site where I can stake my HASH!

I see you figured it out.
Enjoy the lottery and the games. :)

As you play, you'll receive HPoints for free; you can swap those for HASH. Free dividends!

Yo, I just wanted to thank you. I tripled my money already on this site^^. I only had 2 liquid EOS and didn't want to invest more in EOS, but I like the technology though. Well now I can "invest" in it, without spending money.

I'm not sure if I'm just really lucky or not. But I win almost every of my bets (I bet on even/odd high/low), since they are really predictable imo.

Do you know what their smartcontract address is (is there something like this on EOS?).

Wow, that was fast progress.
They do have a smart address contract; more games are on the way too.

You can get the details in their Telegram: https://t.me/eosHash

This is a very good offer for everybody !!!

Certainly is!

I have played this game,and I rally enjoyed it

Glad to hear so. :)

everything ok but no way to gain short circuit

Just a little bit of patience.

Impressive. Thanks for comment harry potter wifi names

Me parece muy interesante puesto que se nos muestra que la tecnología de blockchain es muy útil en muchos campos, no lo entiendo todo pero poco a poco irá cambiando nuestras vidas al mismo tiempo que nos vamos familiarizado más con este tipo de tecnología.

El progreso está sucediendo a un ritmo tremendo.

Please explain to me I did not understand well

The lottery's winning number is decided by EOS block hash; this means team has no way to corrupt the scoring. Provably 100% fair lottery.

If you are referring to dividends, you can stake HASH tokens and share in the platform's revenues. The money the platform makes is distributed to token holders.

Gonna participate in it.

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@hatu nice game for everybody to earn EOSHash ... Thanks


Thanks for sharing this another's amazing Lottery, I'm getting signed up using your link and you would get some rewards too.

I've read the concept on how the lottery works. And i know I'm gonna figure it out soon. 😊🙏

And you can joined the Telegram for answers to queries. https://t.me/eosHash

Good opportunity for all of us. I will try also. Thanks for this post.

I'm in.

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Nice read, shame I’ve never done anything on eos yet. I might have to take a dive in to it. Magic dice is doing something the same with a dividend pool.

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There's a lot going on with EOS Dapps; EOSHash is a good example.

Thanks for sharing! =) =) =)


How I wish I could win a lottery through this infamous platform & turn my life around for good. Wishes come true, I believe

Would be nice. :o

Interesting. This game of lottery is worth trying. Thank you for sharing.

The concept of a lottery, reimagined.

@hatu, i read your whole article and i want to ask you that Why Blockchain is a trusted approach and Is it possible in Blockchain to remove one or more block from the networks?

Why blockchain is an offshoot technology of bitcoin

Bitcoin (currency) is enabled through the blockchain.

The money flowing through the lottery is not in anyone's control. Rather, it's flowing through a smart contract that issues the winning amount on the basis of its unbiased and incorruptible code.

I got an error message,
Scatter not connected. Maybe it doesn't work in Australia?

No, that's normal.
You'll need Scatter to use EOS Dapps.

It's like MetaMask, but for the EOS ecosystem.

Rightio, I have Metamask so I should be able to get scatter.

Yes, it's the key to the world of EOS, and it takes just a minute to get it ready.

Ha, maybe on your computer! I'm just downloading it now, 15 minutes left.

Bit too complex for me, After creating an account I went back to the original link but it says I don't have it linked

Wow..Crypto lottery...awesome. That means no manipulation or fraud in lottery system. Blockchain i smaking everything transparent. But I feel that the Crypto Exchanges should be centralized. I believe that, in current scenario they are playing a big part in price fluctuation.

Exactly. All the benefits of blockchain technology applied to a lottery.

It's actually easier and faster to earn Bitcoin than STEEM anyway....STEEM is too slow to gather and collect. It would take 109 years to get $10 on a post let alone $5! That's impossible. Rather, as you said...another coin like eos would be better. Or even playing in the steem internal market is better and more effective and even MORE FUN than this upvoting thing. Sorry for the rant. Thank you for the update @hatu

How is it easier to earn Bitcoin? Id love to hear that. hehe. :D

I think @gungho refers to the fact that you can potentially join a BTC mining pool.

Pretty sure the goal is to make money, not lose it. :D

No... I mean bitcoin is much more available to earn online with all these faucets, bitcoin farming, lotteries, hi-lo, offer walls, contests, airdrops, and gaming/gambling. For example, I won 0.5 BTC in a contest and it wasn't that hard. At the time, BTC was $6,500. / $3,250 isnt that bad. Now the price has gone down, and I'm sad, but still. There is opportunity, where as STEEM has little chance.

Id love to find a contest like that. The truth of the matter is that Steem is couple hundred times smaller then BTC.... You cant expect to earn that kind of money here.
If steem had BTC market cap id be a millionaire now and my upvotes would be worth who knows how much.
So really you cant compare the two. But steem has "earning" embedded in its system. Btc does not.
Steem has more earning opportunity. Much more.. But you earn less in terms of $ value, simply because Steem is much smaller then BTC.

thx for sharing. do you have any tips or instructions. tutorial links? greetings michael

The Dapp's help center provides additional, thorough details.

everything ok but no way to gain short circuit

Very good info !! thanks for that

Cool!! Will you review hashkings please? Hit me up on discord dan/hashkings\canna is my screenname. Here is some info on it. We are just getting ready to release the beta version. Alpha is already out, users can earning in this game. @canna-curate #blockchaingaming

Do you have a Telegram?
If yes, please message me at @HatuSSS.

I prefer to chat in discord https://discord.gg/DcsPHUG. I'm Dan/HashKings\Canna on there.

I think crypto is making my gambling problem resurface...lol... first the poker league... now a lottery, lol. And I haven't even touched the bit casinos yet, lol.

Haha blockchain provides an easy improvement to existing prediction markets.

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Nice information

@hatu traditional lotteries have made people anxious.
Blockchain technology has revolutionalised the entire system.

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Nice article. Learned many new things.

This is beautiful people have become opportunities to make money

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Do treat it like a lottery, though.

Interesting and Good opportunity for all of us.This is a very good offer for everybody.Thanks for sharing.

Welcome. :)

Interesting and Good opportunity for all of us. This is a very good info for everybody. Thanks for sharing.

I think this is very good for everyone who becomes an offer

this a good think

Buena información para mi.

Hi. @hatu I'm not a lottery player. but it seems very interesting to me that the issue of decentralization and the distribution of profits with the community is coming to the world of betting

Only If you are Lucky xD

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Saludos a todos Desde Colombia
Les agradecería su saludo y su like buen día

I know another Dapp that everyone can try to play, it's fomo2moon.

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Interesting! By the way, I'm just wanted to share this news about airdrop. KuCoin will support Bittorrent Airdrop to all TRX holders.


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well its a good opportunity for everyone


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Have a nice Day!

Wow ! I love lotteries and this sounds interesting to play .

That is Chance game.I have not chance. :|

This is worth a closer look... Thks hatu

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Moreover, in an effort to create a truly decentralized ecosystem, the platform’s revenues will be delivered to token holders in the form of dividends.