Interview with Dan Larimer - EOS, Cardano, Ethereum, DPoS, Steemit, Crypto Bubble, Future of Crypto

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Dan Larimer - visionary that brought us BitShares, Steemit and soon EOS. We have a lot to cover - both about Dan's past, EOS, Cardano, Steemit, Crypto Bubble, Future of Crypto, Web 3.0, Dan's future, will Dan leave EOS? etcetc SUPER EXCITING INTERVIEW AHEAD!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


This is gonna be great!! I’m gonna watch in a few minutes, but I wanted to drop a comment, upvote, and Resteem! Thanks for the video! EOS sounds amazing!

Will you come @ivanli to Acapulco next week? I am looking forward to meet Dan Larimer next week, and would be happy to see you too :)



This interview was awesome! Thanks to @ivanli and @dan for putting together this video! EOS looks great! I'm looking to get some investment there as well! I love my STEEM!! DPOS is super interesting and I'm looking for more of that moving forward!

@dan knows his stuff...

Great interview Ivan!! You asked all the right questions, can't wait for EOS in June.

Wonderful interview Ivan! I just transferred you 10 STEEM.

Could you please do more tutorials on how programmers can utilise the EOS software platform to build cool stuff?

Anyone know of a good EOS primer? Is bitshares worth it at all or just wait for the EOS exchanges? I noticed bitfinex already announced one

Dan is genius... Hope that all his projects will work on top of EOS...

Resteemed to watch later. This is going to be great!

When I see this guy and just from basic human level compare him with Charles Hoskinson, he looks so frustrated and annoying.
He is so upset when respond to some questions, basic things. If I'm deaf I would go with Charls...
Still, Dan is smart guy, now what is talking about, but when I look at this guy, he have something shady behind his human level.
Just check any of Charls interviews and I think you will get what I'm talking about.
Not shilling any side, just my personal opinion. Smash the like button guys LOL
Thank you @Ivan on Tech for great content all the time!

I have to say the interview was good, constructive and Dan indeed knows his stuff, but I also felt exactly what you said.
Total transparency in the "easy" questions, some lack of transparency in the more tricky questions.

Still, I expect big things from all the mentioned projects. Bitshares exchanges to gain more volume and liquidity, Steem environment to become the biggest Social network and EOS to become one of the most successful platforms for development on the blockchain.

Thanks, Ivan!
Looking forward to watching the interview!! 👍👍👍

awesome ,much respect for dan

Great interview. Ivan does it once again. A++++

It's always a pleasure to see Dan talk. He is the only person with the right balance of true libertarian values and deep understanding of technology. All the best for EOS.

I watched the live stream! Dan is the man!
As you @ivanli ;)
btw I love the blockchain academy ! The best investment for me !! Thanks a lot !

I can't wait until EOS is live! Thanks Ivan!

Great interview Ivan! Waiting for next one :)

so bullish on EOS!! can't wait for June ... think 2018 is going to be amazing for EOS. thanks for sharing

I was highly anticipating this interview. Glad you guys could make it happen!

Hello Ivan, I really enjoyed the interview, thanks once again.

Can I ask a favor from you? When you have time can you please take a look at Burst and if you think it is worthy make a video about it. I think the dev team is doing great and shows a good long term potential.

PS. I saw you smile at my sharting joke :D

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Flash?? Nop.

You forgot Steem, Iota, Ethereum, Lisk, ...

...Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Peercoin.

I've been watching your videos and I didn't realize you were on steemit until today. Glad I found you on here!

Great interview - questions right on target.

I like EOS and Cardano; I think they both have a chance to succeed. This summer will be interesting.

just scooped more steem and EOS!

Man that was a great interview, thanks so much for making that happen. You really had some excellent questions and it was very informative.


Had so many questions got a lot cleared up with this interview with @dan . Well done loved it ! EOS is definitely the future ...

Listening right now, thanks for this! Very interesting.

Fantastic interview Ivan, I can't believe this post hasn't got more upvotes yet! Dan comes across well in interviews and is quite possibly the smartest person in crypto, I can't wait for Eos to launch and to see all of the things that will be built on top of it.

Fantastic video Ivan! Love the conversation about Steem! Dan is brilliant! I was pissed that some people were saying terrible things about him in the live chat but I realize they just don't understand. Thank you for the video!

Very very good interview @ivanli !!!
2000+ people watching, that is very huge.
For me, EOS will be the most important crypto of 2018. The concept of DPoS plus dapps is very powerful.

surreal & enjoying!

What is the future of crypto currency???


For our Company NovaCrypto LTD founded in February 2018 we are very enthousiast about EOS and Vision. As an integrator we are currently to build our proprietary platform "Swiss Open Blockchain Virtual Environments" by using Virtual Box and Ubuntu as OS and also lightning SPV Node with Electrum Wallet. From another perspective we are also following our marketing by using our Youtube Channel and Steemit. On our Youtube Channel we will cover a playlist "Trends in Platform decentralized World" where we will speak about comparative advantages between the most suitable platform that we see for our uses-cases dedicated to our business customer. By following ivanontech since january 2018, myself Patrick B. Schmid, CTO of NovaCrypto LTD i saw directly the adavantages to have this broad knowledge and awardness to build something with intelligence. Thank you Ivan and congrats for your channel. A Company fan of you in Switzerland.

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