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RE: A Proposed Solution to EOS RAM Allocation

in #eos3 years ago

How about not allowing people to speculate on RAM, but instead only allow developers looking to use RAM to buy RAM? The more developers buy RAM to airdrop and create Dapps on EOS the more valuable the available RAM becomes, but atleast the RAM is being used in a way that in return provides value to the EOS chain and tokens. RAM skyrocketed by 2000% at it's peak and all we've seen are 7 airdrops, a few folks make an amazing speculative trade but the majority of the community become concerned about the price of future airdropping & development. This could also lead to BP's buying RAM as a way of leveraging control over the chain as well. Let folks speculate on the coin, not the hardware used to establish value to the coin.


But how to detect those people (non-developers) and stop them from buying?

Simple. Register your project to be allowed to buy resources.