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EOS mainnet has launched. I am looking through the web to find instructions on creating an EOS paper wallet and EOS hot wallet.

Everything out there is obsolete. It refer to the old Ethereum tokens with nary a mention of that 12 digit account name.
Can someone help me find an EOS paper wallet generator which is current. I am putting together a crypto-sampler for someone on their birthday and would love to include some EOS for them.

Second question, I just downloaded the greymass wallet (eos-voter). I don't know how to fill out the setup screen. What is my public key or account name? I want to create one, I don't have one to import. Help here, too would be appreciated.

update: I have since played with Scatter. I've gotten further along with that, but why the obsession with ETH and TRON? All I want to do is to bring home some EOS I bought on Kraken last night?


EOS wallet account system is quite different from BTC and ETH systems. I guess you are not familiar with EOS wallet.

In EOS, wallet(private key) and account(register account name, buy RAM and delegate EOS to get CPU and NET to activate the account) is separated.

Okay thanks. I'll have to do a bunch of reading up ...