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RE: Video of my Steem/Bitshares/EOS presentation from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

in #eos4 years ago

Hi Ashe, great work if you're passing threw Bangkok and would like to give a presentation at a Satoshi Square EOS meetup, you'd be welcome. There is also something being planned with everipedia as part a tour following their airdrop. 👌


omg Satoshi Square!! I used to hang w/ Josh Rossi (the founder of SS) and wrote a piece on LTB years ago (

I've moved to Bali for a few months but i'll def let you know when i'm back in Thailand. We should def catch up someone on Skype or something. Thx for keeping up, John :)

Yes, that would be cool, nice piece you wrote there btw. To my knowledge, LTB was the first forum that rewarded content curators, with the LTBcoin. Steemit has taken it a stage further and that something new will emerge from EOS... exciting times.