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Dear community,

I am really excited to finally bring this project to the public. Introducing EOS Tracker, a real time viewer for EOS blockchain.

EOS Tracker screenshot


For now its working in testnet, but it will be released for everyone who wants to use it.

  • Lists all the blocks, transactions, messages (actions), and accounts.

  • Producers data, to understand how blocks are being produced.

  • Accounts with ABI and list of transactions that have scope related to the account.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 14.35.29.png

Future improvements

  • With the support of Scatter, I would love to explore the possibility of manage wallets and transform the ABI to HTML forms that can be executed from the web.

  • Open source the project after cleanup the code.

  • Increase metrics / graphs related to use & performance of the blockchain

  • Improve mobile experience.

  • Convert current API to Websockets and move it to a eosd plugin.

Give it a try, post some feedback!

I'd encourage you to give it a shot, and let me know what you think! Feel free to reply to this thread, or you're more than welcome to post an issues in Github repo ->

Last words

I want to say thank you to all the EOS community that has been helping me to build

Feel free to help supporting the project upvoting or donating to ( 0xc9C5D554e087863d6000f2F72CF35595882C9B6a ) .


EOS <3


wow so so beautiful can't wait to give it a try. Can it also predict when a particular coin can go up or fall down?

Hillarious. Nearly every explorer can predict which coin will go up or fall down soon. Learn to read it right.

Absolutely fantastic @kesarito! Really like the GUI!

Thank you so much! :)

Didn't have patience to wait until one of those rolling things finishes. I would prefer to see at least something than forever waiting for some data to appear.

It is good to use some cached data that are available all the time and ajax is just refreshing with new data.

According to wikipedia, an application binary interface (ABI) is an interface between two program modules... please keep us posted!

Great work, I look forward seeing a post from you on Utopian when you open source the code.

Right! I would love to use a system like Utopian in the future to keep building it among the community :D

Phenomenal work @kesarito - themselves recommended someone out together "a block explorer or even a few" and you've really stepped up. The GUI is excellent, the real-time stats are a bonus - amazing job, looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Nice product. Crypto currency must be simple. We have to accept it. 2018 is a year of easy success. Steemit has brought us together to learn from each other.

Yes. The info is timely and helpful. Steemit is blessed with great people who are ready to go extral miles to help. I just upvoted and follow you friend. Im new here and I want to catch up as fast as possible. I will upvote all comments here. There is no simple other way to start a friendship

Great work! building tools that empower others is powerfull when building a community. Congrat!

Your explorer made me want to set up a node on EOS. I'm already a witness/block producer on Steem.

Nice work!

That's great! we will need people with experience for the BP in EOS :D You are very welcome :)

Great project. Thank you very much.

Project looks great. Please let me know when you open source it, I'd love to contribute.

Cool! I need to refactor a bit the code but I will open source it soon! :) thanks!

Well done!!! I look forward to helping out once it's open sourced!

Thanks! It will be soon, I just need to clean up the code :)

gran trabajo!
llevaba tiempo buscando algo asi!

Muchas gracias :) por cierto tenemos un canal de EOS Spain por si te quieres unir para hablar de EOS! ( )

Genial , nos vemos por ahi!Q no te hagan currar mucho : )

good work
wish you a best of luck to your work
You are the real hero :):):)

That's great.
Upvoted @kesarito

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👍🏻👌🏻 thanks for interesting information & very useful

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Thanks to back in touch for upvote

So excited for the ICO to end and see EOS launch in full throttle forward.

I'd like see a dapp breakdown on it, like the Steemdb explorer.

Thanks for your great work!

Great work! Looks great!

brilliant work!

Good work! How many servers do you need to support this project?

For now its just one server in Digital Ocean. I guess in the future will bigger traffic I will need to scale it a bit :)

Are those data real?

Yes, its real in testnet :)

Oh I got shocked for a moment lol. I should really give a try to EOS. I still haven't finished the whitepaper.

Love it! Very practical and user-friendly!

As minnow I'm learning a lot from this beautiful example on how to let simple big data: thank you very much for your effort, @kesarito!

Nice, nice. I guess it's getting to be about time that I start tinkering with EOS.

yes mate for sure. If you have the skills then come share!

yeah man, that's stunning, great work.

Awesome project. I am going to check out the EOS tracker..... after I learn more about it ha...?but for real thank you for sharing I learned just from this post so I resteemed it!! @kesarito

Thank you for sharing this new app, It could be very useful.

It looks like a big step forward for the eos community. Great work.;)

cool. Crypto currency must be simple

sharing information is a very generous thing and telling others what we are feeling is a very important thing for people who have not felt. if you make my heart please ask me for me. common for steemit users. so that we are all directed. of the solution from you

Great stuff mate. In my day job I have to make sure websites are responsive so I noticed this because I was watching it on my TV PC which is in Noddy Mode

DM me if you want an idea for a really simple project that would be massive if someone had the time to put it together

Looks like you worked hard, upvoted!