📢 LetItPlay announces airdrop for EOS holders

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All registred in LetItPlay EOS holders will get up to 1000 PLAY tokens.


What is LetItPlay?

We are building an audio future of The Internet. We believe that voice interfaces will drastically change the way we interact with devices and the way we consume content on the Internet.

LetItPlay is a blockchain based ecosystem with attention economy that will help this Future come to pass. LetItPlay will economically motivate every website to create audio content for the new voice dimension of The Internet.

What is airdrop for EOS holders?

Airdrop is an opportunity to get free tokens. We decided to make an airdrop of PLAY tokens to EOS holders who will join our community.

Why LetItPlay does the airdrop?

We love EOS. LetItPlay project is being developed with EOS technologies and we believe that EOS ecosystem will become a steady fundament for LetItPlay.

How to get free Play tokens?

To receive Free Play tokens you should register your ETH address* with EOS tokens in LetItPlay investor panel.

You will get 500 PLAY tokens if your ETH address contains at least 1 EOS token on the June 1st, 2018 when the last EOS distribution period finishes.

To get additional Play tokens you can do one or more of the following actions:

When is the PLAY airdrop?

The snapshot for the airdrop will be taken immediately at the end of EOS Token distribution period 350 – on June 1th, 2018. There will be a number of checks and tests until June 15th, 2018. And after LetItPlay tokensale will be successfully finished all the PLAY tokens wil be delivered to registred in LetItPlay EOS holders.

*Enter only ETH address for which you own the private key.
Do not register ETH from an Exchange. If you register an exchange account, your PLAY tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your PLAY tokens.

Official website of the LetItPlay projectletitplay.io

Our English community groups:
t.me/letitplay_io – Telegram
facebook.com/letitplayio – Facebook
steemit.com/@letitplay – Steemit
medium.com/letitplay– Medium
twitter.com/letitplay_io – Twitter

Our Russian community groups:
vk.com/letitplay_io – VK
golos.io/@letitplay – Golos
t.me/letitplay_ru – Telegram


Any exchange support this airdrop?

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No, wallets from exchanges are not allowed. You should only use an ETH wallet you own a privete key to.

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nice info

Thanks for the post. I see great potential in the eos platform and am glad that it is getting more and more popular. Anyone who has invested or invested in eos has done everything right in my eyes. i love eos

Thank you for your comment. We love and believe in EOS too :)

nice project. no more restrictions when driving or having to take care of the children. no more neck pain because you constantly look at the screen. fewer accidents because the eyes can perceive the environment again.
If the team behind let it play can implement their plans, I see in the project a successful and world-changing future

my steemit blog post about let it play,, i wana ask one question,, if any persoan has no eos token, then he is not eligible, confirm my question

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EOS is just making it rain tokens


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Hello admin. When will the snapshot be taking..

Snapshot will be taken after 350 EOS distribution period ends (around June 1st)

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Could i register using exodus wallet, or would i need to use MEW?

You should only use an ETH wallet you own a privete key to.

If anyone reads this and has tokens at an Exodus wallet address, you CAN get your tokens out if you export the private key from Exodus. It's just not recommended and they make it somewhat difficult to find them to make sure it's deliberate on your part. Go to their website support if you need to do that.

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Is it listed?

Not yet. It will be after 1st stage of tokensale https://letitplay.io/tokensale

J ai visiter les 2 sites !!

Me suis meme inscris a 1 , mais je ne vois pas AirDrop ?????


Signalez votre problème à la [email protected] s'il vous plaît

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Do you get airdrops if your coins on binance?

we don't support exchange wallets

but i dont have EOS,how can i still participate?

This airdrop is only for EOS holders. You can buy EOS (at least 1 EOS) and take part in our airdrop :)

hi admin! I must have at least 1 EOS in my MEW then were I allowed to participate in the airdrop? If I only participate in soccial campaign, is it allowed?

Hi! You should have at least 1 EOS (ERC20) Token to particiapte in the airdrop

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