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RE: EOS Nears Launch - A Talk With Thomas Cox

in #eos4 years ago

That seemed a great news to me. Thanks dude


if the post had photos of boobs I would like it most

Fingers crossed that the EOS is the next best thing; equivalent to a hardfork of steem. I like the idea of recovery options. Could be better than getting a tattoo of your keys :D

im just getting to see this at this moment. honestly fingers crossed just like you said. its been a while for me on steemit. EOS could not only be better than getting a tattoo, have you ocean dived before? lol

Yeah, same here. Since last year. I have swam in the ocean but not dived. I need PADI certification. Have you?

oh man, you deserve an accolade , i haven't gone that far lol

Well, thank you! I'm learning how to be efficient with time. If you can figure out what works best than you don't need so much free time doing useless stuff on the platform.

Appreciated, thumbs up for whats coming.

hi dear /@mdabdullah

wow!! its look wonderfull!! I like it

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