First steps on EOS.

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Checking some dApps.

Made a first kind of chauvistic vote for @roelandp.

Looking for more.

Getting my account ha3domygenes come to life on the EOS blockchain was easy using the Scatter browser extention. Just copy-pasted my private key and got my account ready to go. And my EOS was there. With 12.5% in wallet, the rest split 50-50 into CPU and Network stake. That I found out when I installed EOS-Vote by Greymass on a Linux computer. Now where to change that weird, but funny, account name?

The first thing I did was to vote for Block Producers? Nah, I wend straight for the MonsterEOS dApp {Decentralized Application}. Number 819 I got, named it OalDamster, now I have to wait before I can awake it, wonder if it resembles me. How old I am? Never mind that, it is all done for science! Slightly more serious than some blockchained Tamagochi game might DecenTwitter considered to be. Also works together Scatter, made a first Tweet, will try to do one later with a link to this post.

After all of that excitement I decided to give EOS-Vote a try. It is developed by Greymass, well known to us Steemians. Did one vote, for fellow Nederlander and Steemian RoelandP but will go for a next round. Greymass will get a vote for sure, do not know about the other 28. (Suggestions are welcome.) In the EOS-Vote application I will be able to change my EOS amount at stake. They amounts determine how much CPU and Network I can use on the EOS blockchain. The amount of RAM used is without stake and has an EOS price attached to it. Apparantly my account only uses 50% RAM, no further clue here. Will have to dig deeper into the EOS matter first.

So far.

Getting started with EOS was straight forward, using things like Scatter. And as far as I know an account can be created without owning any EOS. A small amount, 0.01, will be staked on NET and CPU, while some RAM becomes available too. No idea what can be done with that though. Can it get you a free MonsterEOS, or will you be able to tweet at DecenTwitter and vote for Block Producers? Have not tried to create an account from scratch using Scatter yet. Yet, I think it should be possible.

Will give it another go soon. And so far it was fun trying some less serious dApps. Or just watch what happens on a blockchain level using the EOStracker website. Where I saw that there are about 192'000 accounts already. And it appears that this DPOS {Delegated Proof Of Stake} blockchain family member is taking it easy. Just like Bitshares and Steem not even breaking a single drop of sweat. Time for some serious big dApps to turn up the heat a bit?

May the Cryptos be with us!

If I had only bought me some more...
Several screenshots combined by @oaldamster.


Holy cow, who knew all that was available already... can't chat long, I have to go peek!

It is fresh and exciting! Enjoy!
(Will try to awaken my MonsterEOS...)

See this is the point where I am a little bit confused in what to do. I got me some nice Eos a couple of months ago, but you are actively using it like you are locking in SP right?

Will that help you grow your stack? See, I dont know shit about computers, so now my question is....what is wise... act blond and just leave my Eos as a trading token..Or use it actively (while I have no idea what I would be doing then)

It resembles Steem, and Bitshares, quite a bit.

Do not know yet if like Steem putting EOS on stake will get me more. It does however let me use the blockchain. The more I stake, the more I can use CPU time and Network storage.

Currently I am able to store 15MB for instance, which seems a bit overkill to me. But as more accounts start using the EOS blockchain the more that will drop.

Will let it stay stacked a bit longer to see how it works.

Starting on EOS right now can be somewhat complex. Questions about what to use as a wallet and how to be able to use dApps will come to mind. It is still early days...

In the meantime using your EOS for trading might be a safe choice, until things become more clear and easy to use.

Wow, 8 didn't realise Ali this was possible right now. Will have to give it a bash!

It is a new realm ready to explore mate! Just saw that some account created 21M BTC tokens with a smart contract. Wonder where the inspiration came from to do that. 😁

Enjoy the EOS ride, gonna try n awake my MonserEOS ...

Hehe, let us know how that goes!!!

It has awoken! =D


Wayhay!! You are the monster man!!!!

Raaaaah lovely, never felt more alive!

Thanks @oaldamster for the informative content.

My pleasure.

plc told me what is the use case of EOS blockchain?

Running smart contracts as decentralized Applications in a self governing community on a fast blockchain that can scale verticaly and horizontaly.

Think that summerizes EOS.

Informative post , thanks for your information .

Keep good work every time .

Thanks for sharing @oaldamster
Upvote you .

I had no luck connecting Decentwitter with Scatter

Did you select a created identity in Scatter and imported as '12charactername'.active account?

With this you connect / login into decenTwitter. Scatter will pop-up requesting confirmation for the identity to connect to dTwitter. That should do the trick...