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RE: DApps that Pay: EOSHash & the new Lottery (+ Bonus for Steemians)

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Thanks for sharing! I registered using your link, so you should see some nice ref-rewards :)

Edit: So how can I earn dividends? I bought 1 HASH on an exchange, do I have to do something with it, or just hold it?

Re-Edit: Ok, I found the site where I can stake my HASH!


I see you figured it out.
Enjoy the lottery and the games. :)

As you play, you'll receive HPoints for free; you can swap those for HASH. Free dividends!

Yo, I just wanted to thank you. I tripled my money already on this site^^. I only had 2 liquid EOS and didn't want to invest more in EOS, but I like the technology though. Well now I can "invest" in it, without spending money.

I'm not sure if I'm just really lucky or not. But I win almost every of my bets (I bet on even/odd high/low), since they are really predictable imo.

Do you know what their smartcontract address is (is there something like this on EOS?).

Wow, that was fast progress.
They do have a smart address contract; more games are on the way too.

You can get the details in their Telegram:

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