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It's interesting to see how so many people are still overlooking EOS. Now that a simple kitten game (one of the only projects actually completed/up and running on Ethereum) is making Ethereum crawl, it should be obvious that it's scalability issues are a much bigger problem than people realize.

Regardless of its scalability issues, the fact that it requires the use of "gas" makes it a flawed system for mass adoption. There will never be a successful social network similar to Facebook, Twitter or even Steemit on Ethereum, because the "gas" model would require everyone to pay a fee to send messages and make posts.

Transactions per second: 30
Block Times: 20 Seconds
Fees: Gas
Coding Language: Solidity

Transactions per second: Millions
Block Times: Half of a second
Fees: None
Coding language: WebAssembly and several other popular languages

The hundreds of ICOs that already launched have been planning on deploying their dapps on Ethereum, but these projects will never see completion as a result of Ethereum's flawed architecture. Interestingly, Dan Larimer, the creator of Steemit, BitShares and EOS foresaw this way back in 2014.

I believe we will see a mass migration of Ethereum based projects moving to the EOS blockchain in 2018. Each time this happens, news of the migrations will spread, and we could very well see a consistent decline in the price of Ethereum, and a steep incline in the price of EOS. With its one billion coin supply and all of the new money flooding into the crypto market, I see no reason why EOS won't be $50/token in 2018 and much more in the years to follow... Good luck Ethereum!


This is the best EOS article I've ever read. Like most eosians, I am also of the opinion that EOS will replace ETH and become the main product used by 90% of develpers.

This is why your argument is flawed ethereum is very proactive and have already released micro raiden have a read here https://steemit.com/ethereum/@ajkapss/microraiden-payment-channels-are-now-live-on-ethereum-main-network

It still won't be fast enough for mass adoption though. The platform you're using now (Steemit) was conceived and created in less than 6 months, and it works perfectly. Current users only take up a fraction of its scalability. Even with all of Ethereum's upgrades to come years from now, it still couldn't handle what Steemit alone is doing. EOS will be far superior to Steemit's capabilities... But none of us have a crystal ball. We'll have to wait and see.

Inclined to agree cause those are valid points but what about market movers advantage ethereum has a huge head start additionally if Raiden works or plasma for that instance wouldn't they be able to compete with EOS .Additionally EOS is still under development if m not wrong.

If I would be a Dapp developer I would look at all the blockchains that are available in order to choose the most suitable one on which I should build my DApp. I couldn't care less that a blockchain launched first or things like that. I would just want the best blockchain for my DApp.

EOS > Ethereum

Software devs are not dumb people. Well, most of them.

Exactly, so many devs made their projects on Ethereum initially because it was the only platform available for a long time. Dapps need to be able to scale, period. EOS is by far the obvious choice.

I am actually a developer and yeah i agree but atm i use ethereum because that's what we are taught in uni.I do see the potential of EOS not saying anything bad about it i am actually looking forward to it .Lets see how it works out.Cheers to the decentralized way ;) .

Interesting times ahead for sure.

Correct; first move advantage is extremely important. EOS will be known as the first blockchain that was able to scale to the masses, and also, the first successful blockchain operating system. Expect huge partnerships from them.

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could not agree more @quanahjayhicks

definitely check out our Steemit series Crypto Nights, we frequently mention scalability issues across both BTC and ETH and it should be of interest to you.