Finally my AGS will worth something :)

I hope this is included in the angelshares we bought a few years ago, or at least in some percent to reward backers who believed in you from the start.

Oh yes...

How cool is it when you can release your smart contract platform proposal on your own social media blockchain?


Would it be a free distribution or a contribute BTC and get EOS in return?

As soon as possible via the mailinglist?

Thanks for making Bitshares, and for helping develop Steem. I wish I still had my Bitshares (I lost access to the private key) but will be in on EOS if I can earn enough from posting on Steemit. Yes, I will be one of the people who blog to earn to then get a stake in your future projects like EOS.

Caught the presentation vid on Youtube last night. Fantastic! First ten mins was probably the most brilliant and succint description of product need and problem resolution I've heard yet for a crypto. The transaction times RE three seconds for BTC and thirty seconds for ETH analogy vs millions for EOS was what sold me. Looking forward to picking some EOS up soon during the next few days. The fact that I was already using Steemit seamlessly as a backend blockchain that just plain works was also all the proof I needed to believe in this team and project.

I think there will be an ICO but is not ready to be released yet, i guess they will announce it when is ready.

We Steemians will hear about it first I reckon :)

Yes, definitely! Steemit and EOS are like in the same family, they are like father and son :)

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