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RE: Securely Generating an EOS Public / Private Key Pair Using Official EOS.IO Code

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EOS's lack of standard key generation tool and offline registration instructions this close to launch is an embarassment and a disgrace. Key generation is the absolute base of any crypto system and underpines the entire future security model. With the current confusion around EOS registration and its near entire reliance on third party tools and instructions, for all we know most EOS registered wallets could already be compromised due to third party tools eavesdropping on keys, generating them with too little entropy or using a pseudo-random, reproductible key generation process.

As a very early supporter of Dan's work, I'm deeply disappointed by the careless approach taken by EOS.


We share some of your sentiment. We can't speak for Block.One but we can do what we think is best by creating tutorials like these. Thank you for your feedback.

Keygen utility is provided by EOSIO project here and you can download pre-built executables (OSX only currently, Windows and Linux coming soon) here

Note that the executables are signed by