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RE: EOS.IO Development Update

in #eos • 4 years ago

Looking forward to EOS! I've been "Trollin" Charles Hoskinson a bit on Twitter just for kicks! 😂🤣😂🤣


Trollin just a bit...? You just destroyed the very last bit of his self confidence and faith in cardano! He probably cant sleep now. Even Tonny Robbins wouldnt be able to help him. Pure guy was looking for mental support from his community and then you had to step in 😂😂

Talks about maturity, proceeds to say "thank you for not being the EOS community" and "Have a gold star". This man's a walking contradiction.

haha .. amazing this guy going to be tired of explaining ADA, why it is better from EOS .. lol

Charles called me smelly today.

haha I love that! This is, what makes blockchain tech so great. Where else could you troll a CEO this way? 😂

He must of got "Triggered" when I told him I sold all my Cardano haha

Good One! LOL

Haha, that's hilarious!

I had a disappointing and enlightening experience with the Cardano wallet and their "support." If they are willing to put out such a piece of junk wallet with so many bugs and bad UI, and then give lackluster support, I'm out. Sold my fairly large stake in ADA as soon as I was able to recover my wallet, which took days, no thanks to help from "support."