STEEMINT Brief 004 - EOS ICO Participation - MetaMask + Parity Node

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MetaMask Solution!

Having spent a few days on the EOS ICO Telegram Channel, it quickly became obvious that there was a problem using MetaMask (ETH Wallet Chrome Plugin), while connected to the Main Ethereum Network. It was confirmed today that The EOS ICO Distribution App was not speaking to MetaMask properly, and on top of that MetaMask was being overloaded by the sheer volume of requests.

Run Your Own Parity Node ..

.. and connect to it, instead of the Main Ethereum Network ..

Wait for Parity to Sync ..

Check the Lower-Right Corner of Parity ..

Compare it to the Current Ethereum Block on Etherscan ..

Connect MetaMask to Your Local Parity Node

Then Simply Use the EOS.IO Distribution App + MetaMask as per Usual


good stuff, was very helpful before put up their own rpc.
cheers bro

looks confusing . lol

Great post man keep it up.

Thanks for the info. However when doing this, it also changes the wallet used from Metamask to the Parity wallet. As someone who was using the Metamask interface for the first few days I'm still unable to claim my tokens from the original transactions as i need to access the original Metamask wallet interface for that.

steemint, Thanks for the great information.

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