Beware about phishing mail asking you to EOS registration

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Today I was reading messages in EOS Authority’s official Telegram group where I have noticed that lot of people were screaming about their EOS private key loss due to below phishing mail they got in their mail and accidentally they took action based on that. Resulting loss of private their keys.


Subject of the phishing mail:

Urgent: Complete EOS Registration to Avoid Token Loss

In the pic above if you see there is phishing link given which takes you to phishing site asking you to enter your EOS private key to complete the registration process.

EOS Authority’s group admin confirmed that it is a phishing mail and request the users don’t take any action on it. Admin also mentioned that they never asked for EOS private key.

I would like to request you please be aware about these kind of phishing attacks and be patient to do anything.

If you are looking to unstake your EOS tokens then please have some patience and wait for the official EOS wallet launch till then your token have been frozen and safe. Don’t do anything wrong in a hurry.

What you can do after your EOS private key compromised

If you have lost your private key due to any incident then don't worry you still have a another chance to recover it. This initiative taken by EOSRIO, EOS42, EOSDAC, EOSSW/eden, HKEOS, Block Matrix and EOS Tribe.

Just go to and take appropriate action.

Please be mindful of applications requesting your private key - some of them may be scammers wishing to steal your key. Do thorough research before potentially giving out access to your account.

Be calm and be safe. Don’t expose your EOS private key to any kind of site which are not official.

I hope this post will be helpful to others. Please resteem it this post to help others.



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