eosGAS Airdrop: Another scam please avoid

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I am writing this post just to help people not to be scammed in the name of #Airdrop. Since the #EOS mainnet launched lot of Airdrops has been announced for #EOS holders. Some are really good but not all so try to be safe and don't attract easily to the scammed ones.


Last week when I heared about Byte ball Airdrop I was reading lot of post on the web and then I got to know about eosGAS (won't link scam URL here) Airdrop. As a normal people I got attracted and joined their telegram group to participate for the Airdrop although I had submitted my personal information (including name, email, ETH public address) on their website before that.

I got notification on their telegram channel to complete the KYC to get extra Airdrop especially if you are holding ETH, EOS and eosDAC. Before going to the KYC process, I tried to google it about the eosGAS Airdrop KYC information just to make sure it's not legit because asking for the KYC for Airdrop is smells SCAM itself. The first post on the google result I found was reddit post below and it shocked me when I read that it's BIG SCAM and people shouted already in the thread with 50 comments in that.


I have been also notified by email 3 times to complete the KYC from eosGAS. Would you believe that in that 3 email all the KYC link was taking you to three different URLs:

  1. https://eosgas.co/kyc (It's deactivated now)
  2. https://eosgas.io/kyc (It's deactivated now)
  3. https://eosgas.net/kyc (It's live now)

Email screen shot for your reference:


The most suspicious thing is that they asked you to expose your ETH private key to verify and sign a message to complete the KYC. As a thumb rule we all know we shouldn't expose our private key ever.

Here is the screen shot where they ask to verify and sign a message using your private key although 'View the address only' (in the screen shot below) option doesn't work and you'll get frustrated and put your private key:


I would request you all please don't attracted for eosGAS Airdrop because it's pure SCAM. Please try to help others by resteeming this post as much as you can.

Thanks and be SAFE!


Thanks @techstack for this warning.

It seem that so many people are becoming victims nowadays ...

@crypto.piotr Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up! Always nice to dismiss a scam coin early. Missed the deadline. Full upvote here.

It's a big scam. Unfortunately some had fallen for their crooked ways by sending their details.

Oh that’s really sad @greenrun and you know they are keep updating their telegram group with different msgs. I got their mail three times all three link of KYC was navigating to different URLs. Luckily I didn’t enter my private key. What I would say you at this moment please be calm and don’t get stressed.


I followed and up votes you. please followback @huanmv

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I agree with the author, @techstack!

Scam might be reduced with proper worldwide regulations.

From where you bring so much info .?? Impressed.. Thanks for saving us

Good thing I stayed away! Thanks for the awareness though

Thanks @ajongrypto no matter if I could save anyone from this scam it would be enough for me. :)