EOSYS Has Launched 1st DApp Development Contest

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EOSYS is holding the 1st DApp Development Contest! If you're interested in developing DApps, please feel free to join.


Competition Subject and Topic:

  • Competition Subject: EOS-based DApp
  • Competition Topic: Free Topic (Topics of your choice)


  • Excellence Award: 4,500 EOS Total & Registration on DAPP STUDIO (3 teams)
  • Special Prize: 500 EOS per team (the number of prized teams has not been decided)


  • Application : 03.Sep.2018 ~ 30.Nov.2018(KST 23:59)
  • DApp Submission : 03.Sep.2018 ~ 09.Dec.2018(KST 23:59)
  • Result Announcement : 24.Dec.2018(KST 12:00)

For specific information, please check out the EOSYS medium article: https://bit.ly/2wI0jGi


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