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RE: EOS - Peeking under the hood - Series launch: Yet another ico?

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Good and well structured post, I'd be happy to follow the continuation of your series on EOS. will launch the main chain and this will most likely be the leading one. I can't wait to see first apps running on EOS. Who knows, maybe one day there will be SOS (Steemit On Steroids) running on EOS (Ehtereum on Steroids). Resteemed.


Glad you like it and special thanks for resteeming. I will look into the establishment of the EOS blockchain in the next part, and yes there should be loads of dapps waiting to , didn't dan announce a steemit killer app recently?

I'm not keeping up to date with all the announcements, but that'd be interesting. I like steemit but the real game changer would be a social media platform with real identities, real life connections etc, something like facebook. Not sure how such would work though on transparent blockchain as most people rightly prefer to keep their wealth information private. Maybe it's just another problem to be solved.

it was just a line in a telegram chat, so nothing really concrete, but let's see what's coming up....