Yes; I really want us to show the world what the EOS community can do!

Isn't this the purpose of the $1B+ funds Block One raised? Why is the community being asked to contribute funds when the ICO funds should be more than ample for a critical feature?


Blockone build and release open source software, everything beyond the operating system is the communities responsibility

Absolutely nothing stopped to create generic open source solution which can be reused by any chain. Something like an addon or utility to the main software. There is no excuse for this failure.
People will laugh when they hear we need to donate to make this happen.
By the way, what is stopping to donate some money for this ?

Likely for legal reasons. They are staying out of the community launch process. While you are right, maybe they could have developed an open source tool for it, I'd rather them stay focused on developing their blockchain :)

I tend to think its for legal reasons.

They did. It's command line, and it's not easy to install.

"Yes; I really want us to show the world what the EOS community can do!"

Agree with bearactual and darko-l.

The world has already seen what the EOS community has done.... i.e. donated well in excess of a billion USD to No legal strings attached!

Voting is key to this whole thing taking off and yet nobody anticipates a return donation from Instead the rallying cry is for the EOS community('you') to have a whip-round.

People outside the EOS community are going to make a mockery of this.

Perhaps, being part of the community itself, will see the silliness and cough up a return donation for this to get funded asap.

That's a better title, @summerskin. Thanks for that ;-)