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You can draw the EOS-symbol (Chestahedron) and interact with it on

empty the left box and copy the following lines in it

point(2.887|0|0 "1" )
point(-1.443|-2.5|0 "2" )
point(-1.443|2.5|0 "3" )
point(-1.808|0|4.315 "4" )
point(0.904|-1.566|4.315 "5" )
point(0.904|1.566|4.315 "6" )
point(0|0|6.282 "7" )

triangle(2.887|0|0 -1.443|-2.5|0 -1.443|2.5|0)
triangle(2.887|0|0 -1.443|-2.5|0 0.904|-1.566|4.315)
triangle(2.887|0|0 -1.443|2.5|0 0.904|1.566|4.315)
triangle(-1.443|-2.5|0 -1.443|2.5|0 -1.808|0|4.315)

quadrangle(2.887|0|0 0.904|-1.566|4.315 0|0|6.282 0.904|1.566|4.315)
quadrangle(-1.443|-2.5|0 -1.808|0|4.315 0|0|6.282 0.904|-1.566|4.315)
quadrangle(-1.443|2.5|0 -1.808|0|4.315 0|0|6.282 0.904|1.566|4.315)


Very nice

very beautiful,I like it very much,thank you

good symbol,thanks for the post. @wuhotan

cool! and you can write code to the steemit icon?

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I tried it and this is the result

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amazing, how do you please in guidance

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this is a really cool mini tutorial. It really helps entry level peeps get a look into some simple functions
Thanks @wuhotan!

This is amazing !! Thanks for showing us this :)

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