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Some in the eosDAC community are confused regarding the timeline for delivering the DAC Toolkit complete with member registration and the functionality needed to vote in custodians to make decisions for the DAC as defined by our constitution. This post attempts to remove that confusion.

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Before we get started, it's a good time to review our Core Principles as defined by the eosDAC Constitution which you can read in full here:

eosDAC Constitution


    2.1 The DAC shall be a decentralized autonomous community governed by this Constitution and administered through the medium of blockchain technology.

    2.2 The DAC shall be founded on the following core principles:

        2.2.1 Nurturing the Ecosystem: The primary objective of the DAC shall be to nurture and support the EOSIO ecosystem

        2.2.2 Excellence of Service: DAC shall always strive to ensure that it is able to produce or procure the continuous production of blocks required by EOSIO software driven blockchains.

        2.2.3 Openness and Transparency: All decisions made by the DAC governance structures and all operations of the DAC will be open and transparent.

        2.2.4 Support of EOSIO Communities Worldwide: DAC shall engage with the communities, listen and support projects that benefit all EOSIO blockchain communities.

        2.2.5 Fairness: DAC shall treat all members fairly, reward contributions appropriately and not seek unmerited profits. No one member should have less information about a decision than others.

        2.2.6 Independence: DAC will not seek any stake in, or exert undue influence over, other block producers and shall take appropriate measures to protect its own independence.

        2.2.7 Respect of the EOS Constitution: DAC shall respect the EOS blockchain(s) on which the DAC operates: To the extent that each EOSIO blockchain, for which DAC produces or procures continuous production of blocks, will have its own constitution or equivalent organizational instrument, DAC shall use its best efforts to adhere to such constitutions or organizational documents whilst acting in the interest of all chain token holders.

    2.3 To the furthest extent permissible the provisions of the Constitution shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the core principles.

Let's highlight section 2.2.3:

2.2.3 Openness and Transparency: All decisions made by the DAC governance structures and all operations of the DAC will be open and transparent.

eosDAC will always strive for complete transparency to explain everything eosDAC is doing.

Something to remember as we discuss our progress so far is eosDAC's uniqueness as a cryptocurrency project. Unlike many other projects, eosDAC does not have a core team or centralized structure of leadership. What we do have are members, worker proposals (which you can create via our website by clicking Get Involved -> Apply), and custodians who are voted in by members and approve or deny worker proposals. Until these systems exist completely on chain through our smart contracts such as eosdactoken, daccustodian, and dacproposals with user-friendly tools like eosdactoolkit to interact with them, we are operating with an interim Genesis custodian board as mentioned in the constitution who are approving or denying worker proposals with feedback from the launch team members and community. We also have revenue, as an EOS Block Producer (which is also, unfortunately, all too rare among cryptocurrency projects).

With this decentralized structure, it's possible some aspects of what eosDAC is doing gets miscommunicated, especially when we consider the many languages spoken within our community. This can lead to unfortunate outcomes and improper expectations. To the best of our ability, we're going to outline the commitments eosDAC made so far and their track record for delivering on those commitments in a timely manner.

Here is eosDAC's current roadmap as listed on the eosDAC website:

Please note, the delivery date for incomplete items is subject to change.

In addition to the content linked to below, we've also put out multiple YouTube videos to help with the token transition process.

April 8th - Video explaining the airdrop snapshot, warning people not to hold their EOS on exchanges that don't support the airdrop (this video is a repost of the original).
May 8th - Video walkthrough on how to manually claim eosDAC tokens.
May 24th - Video walkthrough explaining how and why to register your EOS and eosDAC tokens.

DateStatements and actionsOutcome
4 March 2018eosDAC will be launched as a DAC on the EOS blockchain at the beginning of June 2018❌ Though the eosDAC token was converted to EOSDAC on the EOS Mainnet and processes were put in place for off-chain worker proposals approved by the genesis custodian board, eosDAC are not yet a fully-functioning on-chain DAC (though it is functioning as a DAC off-chain). This timeline commitment was incorrect and overly optimistic. Much of this delay is due to the delay in the mainnet launch and how much effort our team had to put into helping debug EOS software instead of build for eosDAC (see below).
23 MarchAirdrop snapshot and exchange support announcement
"All EOS token holders holding over 100 tokens* at the end of Day 300 of the EOS crowdsale (April 15th 2018, 01:00:00 UTC) will receive 1 eosDAC token for each EOS token that they hold, these tokens will be transferred directly into their Ethereum (ERC20 compatible) wallet."✅ We largely adhered to these airdrop timings
"Any accounts with less than 100 tokens will not automatically receive the airdrop but will be eligible (until 15th May 2018) to apply through a method, which will not require any personally identifiable data, detailed closer to the date of the snapshot"✅ We provided a tool through our website for accounts with < 100 tokens and announced it via our newsletter and telegram channels.
26 MarchAirdrop further explained in detail
It is most unlikely that your exchange will distribute eosDAC tokens to you unless they confirm this publicly BEFORE the April 15th snapshot!✅ Successful
The snap-shot of all EOS token holders will be taken on the 15th April at 01:00:00 UTC and the airdrop of eosDAC tokens at a rate of 1:1 will be made according to EOS token ownership at the point of this snapshot. The airdrop itself will follow in late April / early May.✅ Successful
15 AprilAirdrop on Ethereum network✅ Successful
15 MayStatement on "eosDAC Values, Roadmap and Position on Dividends by eosdac"
EOS Chain launch activities✅ The launch team was actively involved in providing great value here
EOSDAC released on EOS chain✅ Successful as one of the first EOS airdrops, though delayed by EOSIO Mainnet launch delay
Block production✅ Not only have we been providing excellent block production service, but we've been in the top 21 as well.
Initial skeleton DAC tools released✅ The Tech Design document was finalized so the code could be developed in alignment with the constitution.
eosDAC Custodians voted in by members and initial handover from launch team❌ This commitment has not been completed yet due to delays in the mainnet launch and improper development timeline expectations which should not have been set to begin with. eosDAC should not have committed to a June or July release of this functionality. More on that below.
23 MayeosDAC Airdrop and Burn✅ Successful
1 JuneERC20 tokens frozen✅ Successful
2 JuneeosDAC snapshot on ethereum chain for EOSDAC EOS Token✅ Successful
14 JuneAll blockproducers jointly launch EOS mainnetEOS Mainnet was due to be launched beginning of June and was launched in mid June. Block Producers expected at least a month of testing on stable, feature-complete code prior to the mainnet launch, but that did not happen. The eosDAC launch team, especially Michael Yeates, was instrumental in assisting the chain with troubleshooting some issues that were delaying launch. Without his work, mainnet launch might well have been much later.
26 JuneThe eosDAC Token Distribution Complete✅ Finished the airdrop, including spending EOS for RAM to create 29,572 EOS accounts for eosDAC holders who had less than 1 EOS.
Last week of JuneTurning our attention from major effort to complete airdrop, to the DAC toolkit. Assessed in house resource and developed idea to hire OCI to assist.✅Successfully engaged OCI, who are a well-respected firm of coders deeply involved in eosio
1 JulyeosDAC accelerates progress on DAC Toolkit, partners with Object Computing Stated "Custodian Elections - July 2018 - Followed by handover to the custodians."❌ This communication was a mistake and this estimate was not made by those actually working on the code involved, so it was not accurate. With the July 4th U.S. holiday along with some other minor delays due to OCI team scheduling and health issues, ramping up our engagement with OCI was also slightly delayed. eosDAC apologizes for this miscommunication and will strive to avoid these incorrect statements in the future.
Throughout JulyIn-house team actively coding and OCI reviewing and inputting: Token contract including member contract, Custodian contract, and Developing the token explorer✅ The eosDAC members have continued to make great progress which can be seen in the Discord 5-tech-and-development channel and on Github. eosDAC also posted a video on YouTube with updates.
17 JulyeosDAC Announces First Approved Worker Proposals, Prioritising Block Production, and DAC Toolkit✅ We successfully implemented a transparent off-chain WP system
21 JulyFinancial reporting from service provider for June✅ We are successfully tracking and reporting payments from our service provider
Third Quarter 2018 (Q3)The following activities are planned for Q3 2018✅ On track
Block Production✅ On track
Infrastructure scaling✅ Continuing as needed
DAC tool development and implementation✅ Daily progress is being made as mentioned above. At this point, the first version of the DAC Toolkit will contain member registration and custodian voting. Worker Proposal creation, workflow, and payments will be added in a future update as part of ongoing DAC Toolkit development.
Full handover from launch team to custodians✅ On track and contingent upon reaching a quorum of voting members who elect registered custodians.

As you can see above, eosDAC has done a fairly good job, even as a brand new Decentralized Autonomous Community, at communicating expectations and fulfilling them. The eosDAC launch team did make three important mistakes communicating the deliverable dates for when the DAC itself would exist as a true DAC (not one with an interim custodian board) on the EOS Mainnet chain, and when the DAC Toolkit and Custodian voting would be available. Today, eosDAC is functioning as a DAC (though not yet on chain) with worker proposals so the individuals working on the worker proposals themselves can be contacted directly for more accurate deliverable dates for the work they are responsible for. A DAC has no "team" beyond the members who create accepted worker proposals to add value to the DAC. We hope you'll join us and create your own Peer Clusters, or groups working together to accomplish shared DAC goals. If you see a need within the DAC, you are empowered to create a worker proposal and get paid to meet that need.

As eosDAC continues to grow and improve processes like those mentioned in the Operations Manual, output and clarity of communication will improve. Thank you for those who support our vision to be an excellent EOS Block Producer and DAC Enabler.

Decentralized Autonomous Communities play an important role in the future of human organization to accomplish shared goals. eosDAC is positioning itself to be an important, trusted expert in this space. If you have DAC consulting needs, please do not hesitate to contact the members of eosDAC in our Discord.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you to the many launch team members who have contributed to get us this far.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.00.55 PM.png

To better understand what a DAC is, please watch this video:

Please vote for eosdacserver

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Gotta love those core values! Honesty and Transparency are definitely essential in my opinion for a block producer.

Good job and thanks for the update!

좋은 글입니다^^

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