EOS Breaking News: #pEOS PRIVACY tokens air dropped today.

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I was alerted today that the Private EOS tokens have been dropped, I am just connecting Scatter now (get that if you do not have it man, honestly, it is needed)

I have configured the EOS account Telegram bot on here a few days ago - sends alerts when there is activity on your EOS acct for anyone that does not know about it. It's been around many months now.

From the bot on this drop:

Memo: Private, untraceable EOS token . Airdrop claim at: https://peos . one

The alert bot really works great.

Multiple accts - no problem.

Thanks for Dropping By.


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I have my EOS on Binance, do I need to do anything?

They do not support every drop....

They are still splitting all the coins and supporting several of the airdrops. I would refer to my emails with you on that months ago, where we discussed some of that in detail.

Honestly you should get them off there, no exchange is going to support every air drop, you are missing out on some dividends my man.

Thanks my friend!


Terrible Ted Lindsay passes away earlier today.... Legends and History man.

All I do is remember all he did for Detroit and the game and the player's ass'n but we often forget that:

Ted was a color commentator for the Bruins for a while too. I remember he had 500 stitches taken in his face (altogether). There was a game with the Leafs back in the 50's that ended in a brawl so bad it was the only thing on the morning news. He is a legend and will be missed!

I believe he has 1700 stitches total if I am correct.

That brawl was likely either the collision etc with Terry Sawchuk or when Sid Abel was run into the boards or split open, badly.

I could be way off but all those Original 6 teams saw each other so much - they hated each other LOL.

Such regular feelz back in the day.

You probably are... I remember them talking about it when he was doing the B's games.

Thank God those guys weren't the size they are now with pads that are more like weapons. I think the average back then was 5'8" about 165 lbs.

I agree.

But for Gordie's size and elbows



God bless ya buddy you are the best LOL

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