The 15 EOS BPs that have earned my vote

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I am the owner / operator of a 20-year old IT networking company that deploys enterprise LAN / WAN / Wi-Fi networks. I have interviewed and hired hundreds of engineers in my career.

I came on the EOS scene about 90 days ago, as a total blockchain noobie. I built servers, reviewed code, joined test nets, built blocks, and spent hours every day on telegram. I met and talked to a lot of BP candidates. In the end, for a few reasons, I decided not to put a production BP server on the network or register as an official BP.

However, I want to pass what I learned to the rest of the voting public. I am English speaking, so I cannot offer any information on BP candidates that don’t speak English. Additionally, there are hundreds of candidates, so I did not met everyone during the process. So, exclusion does not necessarily mean that a candidate is not qualified, just that I didn’t have enough interaction to give them my vote.

Most Helpful
cryptolions1 – It would be hard to find a candidate in the group that has done more for the community that Cryptolions. They gave me so much valuable information and help. And they knew there was little they would get in return.

Most Experience and Knowledge
teamgreymass – I found this team to repeatedly standout in this area.

Most Deserving
eossweeden - This team has been fully invested in EOS for over a year. I participated in a few emergency scenario drills with other BPs. While most floundered at every turn, the EOS Sweeden team knew exactly what to do in every scenario.

Community Leadership
eoscanadacom - While I did not work with this group much, their leadership has been clear. They had a stumble at the end, by releasing a voided vote count to the public. However, that one mis-step cannot erase the amazing things they have done. It would be a sad day for EOS if they were not a permanent fixture in the top 21 BPs.

Most Invested
blockpro1eos - It is hard to find a more qualifying factor than risking your own capital. It clearly defines motives as pure. This team wants EOS to succeed and put up a lot of time and money to see that happen. EOS would do just fine if all 21 BPs fell in this category.

Best Tech Teams
eosriobrazil, hkeoshkeoshbp, eoscafeblock, eosdacserver - These teams have some of the best engineers that I have ever had the pleasure to interact with. They need to be funded and kept in the EOS community.

Best All Around
eosdublinwow, cypherglasss, eosnationftw - These teams were everywhere. If you had a testnet, they were on it. If you had governance questions, they knew the answers. If you needed help, they would give it. If there was a bug found, they were testing it.

Best Governance
eosnewyorkio - This was another group, that reached out to me and gave guidance. They helped the little man, with no benefit to themselves. Additionally, they have invested additional resources to help the BP community with governance issues.

Most Professional
eostribeprod – This team conducted itself with class. Additionally, they repeatedly presented critical material to the community in clear and concise manner. Their technical competence is also worth noting.

Biggest Save
eosauthority – These guys found a bug that would have lost over 900k EOS tokens. They deserve a vote.

Best Intentions
taxreliefeos – This team embodies the community spirit as much as any. They have a unique skill set and knowledge and put it out on the table to give to any BP that needed help, at no cost.


I went from not knowing who to vote for to wishing I had more votes. Most of your choices were already on my list. It's reassuring to know someone else felt the same way. Thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing

Good writeup.

Thank you, good article!
We are covering Korea Communities :)
Hope to contribute EOS Eco system ^^
Thank you !

What are your thoughts on ?

They made the list. I used all the official 12 character names. They are eosdacserver.

Best Tech Teams
eosriobrazil, hkeoshkeoshbp, eoscafeblock, eosdacserver

Great post. I agree with all your points.

Thanks for having us as one of your top picks! We would like to note the EOS NATION is also self-funded.

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