EOS Tribe Q2 Financial Disclosure

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It is our belief that transparency is at the center of Block Producer operations. Over the last 40+ days, since the mainnet launch we have been documenting every penny of inflation we have collected from the network.

In our ongoing effort to provide the highest level of transparency for the token holders we serve, we submit our Q2 financial report for your review...

Expenses prior to starting operations:

02/01/18 - 06/28/18$1,600.00$2,423.00$0.00$400.00$39,000.00$450.00

Overview of expenses since starting operations:

06/29/18 - 08/01/18$10,220.04$3,578.00$22,398.91$3,675.00$2,627.37$450.00

Token claims by eostribeprod since starting operations:

DateTokens claimedEOS PriceTokens BalanceTransfersDescription
Thu Jun 14 2018 22:00:00 GMT-0700 (MST)102.874310.72103.8743
Fri Jun 15 2018194.93810.7298.8123
Sat Jun 16 2018208.693510.29507.5066
Sun Jun 17 2018210.016910.57717.5243
Mon Jun 18 2018180.998510.45898.5228
Tue Jun 19 2018194.119910.471092.6427
Wed Jun 20 2018200.97789.341293.6205
Thu Jun 21 2018199.27098.241492.8914
Fri Jun 22 2018200.24027.371693.131610Test transfer to EOS Tribe Kraken account
Sat Jun 23 2018175.10568.071868.2372
Sun Jun 24 2018--8.32868.23721000Transfer to reserves
Sun Jun 24 2018181.10697.761049.3441
Mon Jun 25 2018169.47087.71218.8149
Tue Jun 26 2018--218.81491000Transfer to Kraken account to pay expenses
Wed Jun 27 2018170.64747.74389.4623
Thu Jun 28 2018343.50117.85732.9634
Fri Jun 29 2018291.3691257.311024.332525
Sat Jun 30 2018291.3691257.911315.70165
Sun Jul 01 2018291.3691257.961607.070775
Mon Jul 02 2018291.3691258.051898.4399
Tue Jul 03 2018388.99749.012287.4373
Wed Jul 04 2018369.348858.972656.78615
Thu Jul 05 2018369.348858.873026.135
Fri Jul 06 2018353.74138.643379.8779
Sat Jul 07 2018338.47268.623718.3505
Sun Jul 08 2018353.75478.614072.1069
Mon Jul 09 2018344.60557.594755.2643
Tue Jul 10 2018--1755.26433000Transfer to Kraken account for expenses
Tue Jul 10 2018346.80286.782467.9399
Wed Jul 11 2018320.8976.722788.8386
Thu Jul 12 2018327.37516.843116.2137
Fri Jul 13 2018325.47617.143441.6913
Sat Jul 14 2018331.97676.963773.6697
Sun Jul 15 2018363.79557.124137.4668
Mon Jul 16 2018356.62957.964494.0981
Tue Jul 17 2018350.48337.983844.5832
Wed Jul 18 2018342.41477.824167.8337
Thu Jul 19 2018366.90358.44534.7372
Fri Jul 20 2018349.52087.934884.258
Sat Jul 21 2018352.38048.075236.6384
Sun Jul 22 2018339.72098.35556.3593
Mon Jul 23 2018345.26877.985901.6314
Tue Jul 24 2018--5901.6314
Wed Jul 25 2018357.34358.26258.9751739Transfer total 15% of accumulated EOS to eostribefund - reserves for financing EOS related projects.
Thu Jul 26 2018--3519.9751000Transfer to Kraken account
Fri Jul 27 2018376.18148.384194.6485
Sat Jul 28 2018367.89328.284605.1807
Sun Jul 29 2018336.8228.214942.0045
Mon Jul 30 2018315.31397.235257.3201

Token sales on Kraken exchange to fund operations:

Sat Jun 23 2018 22:00:00 GMT-0700 (MST)107.2172.09
Tue Jun 26 201850084000
Sun Jul 01 20182508.52125
Sun Jul 01 201825092250
Mon Jul 09 20182507.321830.73
Mon Jul 09 20182507.291822.45
Mon Jul 09 20182507.071767.83
Fri Jul 13 20182506.851712.5
Fri Jul 13 20185006.883440
Fri Jul 13 20185006.93450
Fri Jul 13 2018100077000
Wed Jul 18 201810008.58500
Thu Jul 26 201810008.28200
Totals (Avg):60107.6846170.6

EOS Tribe Core Values

We would like to take this time to reiterate our core values for those who are still learning about The Tribe and what we are all about. We don't claim to be perfect or even the best BP operation out there, but we strive to improve and become among the best example of what a BP operation should be. Thank you for coming along the ride so far, we genuinely appreciate your support.

1. People Are The Purpose

We believe that everything we do for EOS is to enrich the lives of people across the globe. People are the reason we do what we do and we try to never lose sight of that.

2. Purpose Over Duty

We will never waiver from our duty of keeping the EOS network stable and secure because of our commitment to the people on the network we serve. We believe doing the right thing while abiding by the rules outlined in the EOS constitution is always our true north in every decision we make. At the same time, we do not operate as a heartless machine, as those are the very types of organizational structures and processes we are trying to free ourselves (and others) from.

3. Trust Over Control

Block producer trust is paramount for a governed blockchain to function. We embrace the wisdom of the crowd, always leading from behind, humble stewards who only give direction if and when we can truly add value.

4. Transparency Over Position

Our loyalty is always to the EOS token holders and network, not our positions/affiliations. Transparency around our associations and financial interests is more than just a line item in our core values, it's the center of our entire brand promise and communications strategy. If elected we will provide a public wallet address for anyone to audit (and have suggested publicly that other BPs do the same).

5. Integrity Over Pride

Integrity is our lighthouse and the only metric that matters in the outcome of decisions we make. The root of many indiscretions among the human race is often rooted in pride. Greed and many selfish acts are simply projections of self-pride and preservation. Staying rooted and down to earth is very important to The Tribe culture. Integrity in our work, our dealings with others and especially any and all affairs relating to the EOS network are among our highest ideals.

EOS Tribe Wallets:

eostribeprod - EOS6J5d6rwHJYPZnuv7KRrf5cekTf3atRTjMgbU1YMKuNnrgGvEdE
eostribefund - EOS7Xxi2pZqds6VReCPZnDojMpYHBVLEkeiepuzJhQgq3ZPtyEiuk

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Thank you for the disclosure!, i like the lead from behind concept, not much people realize the importance of it! :)

Keep up the good work!

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