Another great week of Elrondnetwork!

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Before reading through the weekly technical report - thematic: Elrond's technique, do not forget this remarkable event:

Battle of Nodes Phase 1 Round 2 registration is now open!

THIS WEEK IN ELROND- Another great week!

1/ Meanwhile, @Ethereum Devcon V we were waiting for the genesis block

2/ During the first phase of BoN we released a patch for minor issues affecting a subset of our validators. In less than 24h ~95% of our online validators updated their nodes.

3/ Work on a rating calculator: increase the rating for good behavior (proposing, signing blocks etc.) and decrease the rating for bad behavior (offline).

4/ Moved the Node display name to a separate file because it doesn't have to be changed between patches.

5/ Updated our test transactions generator in order to keep up with the latest changes on the protocol.

6/ Work on signaling that new version of the protocol is available.

7/ Improved sync times by refactoring and updating a portion of the miniblock request mechanism.

8/ Work on miniblock compaction to remove excess miniblocks generated for the transactions nonce gaps.

9/ Continued the work on VS code extension to provide useful tools for Smart Contract developers.

10/ We never stop bugfixing, refactoring and polishing our code. Not during the night, lunch or holidays.

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