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Still a busy week as usual for the Elrond team, this is the weekly technical report. The report is from Lulian Pascalau (Core Developer - Engineer Compa, IoT specialization, BS CS.)
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1/ Compiled VM WASM libraries for Mac and Linux. Further speed and stability improvements. Developers can now deploy smart contracts on 4 engines - IELE-K with GO backend, WABT, Binaryen, WAVM

2/ Scripts created for easy compilation of the smart contracts written in C/C++ into an eWasmified binary, which can be deployed

3/ Smart contracts can be written in RUST and TypeScript using the EWASM API as well

4/ In preparation for real world use case, we've updated the denomination for ERD with 1e18, now every wallet implementation must take this into consideration and boost values with 18 zeros (e.g. to transfer 1ERD, value=1000000000000000000)

5/ Finished TxInterceptor validator engine that filters out improper transactions before reaching the transaction pool

6/ Finished TermUI update with new metrics like estimated time until sync is done

7/ Implemented a pools cleaner, a kind of garbage collector for unexecutable transactions found in pools

8/ Updated a new rest API endpoint that can output the same info displayed in TermUI but in JSON format

9/ General bugfixes and stabilization: fork choices are a hard problem to deal with. When stress testing the system, we are happy to find that most of the special cases are resolved

10/ General bugfixes (continued): But some bugs hide really well and bug hunting gets longer. Final decision being a good old refactorization

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