ESO technology for future transactions

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ESO technology for future transactions

With the development of the times and technology, the development follows, as well as in the Financial field (FINTECH) by providing convenience when transacting, it is hoped that it will encourage progress in the economic sector. With the presence of an ESO platform this will encourage the development of smart economics, namely by making non-cash transactions so that this will provide a new arrangement in making transactions. ESO is a platform that is engaged in business services that are non-cash or can use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange in transactions. So that transactions are carried out quickly and safely.

Through several ESO products and several merchants that have become business partners on the ESO platform, we can make payment transactions by doing NFC (Near Field Communication) and EDC (electronic data capture) systems so that this will make it easier for someone to do borderless transactions and use the non-cash / cash (cashless) method.

The ESO platform has several Ecosystems that will support transactions that use ESO's own systems:

  • ESO Wallet
    With ESO Wallet it is hoped that it will provide convenience when making transactions quickly and can be used anywhere using the e-money-based ESO wallet application. On this ESO Wallet platform users can quickly purchase cryptocurrency for future investment of users and sell assets instantly when they need their funds.

    This will give users access to the NFC application and connect directly to ESO Wallet users so ESO Wallet users will feel safe when they transact without using Cash money.

  • ESO E-Commerce
    Through ESO e-Commerce where users can buy and sell their items without knowing their distance when making transactions in the ESO E-Commerce ecosystem, and ESO provides 2 payment methods :

    1. Use ESO Token when the transaction can be converted to ESO Token price at the time of transaction
    2. Exchange ISI Cash with fiat money as their transaction.

By using 2 payment methods, it is expected that transactions can be done easily and quickly.

  • Eso Pay
    This is a Payment Gateway service where users can make transactions anywhere and anytime, and will make it easier for us to make transactions or shop anywhere.

  • ESO Finance
    ESO is engaged in financing and franchising where ESO can provide financing services to a business world by acquiring the company by buying all the shares in the company or part of the company's shares. ESO in Franchise is an agreement to manage a business between two parties, in essence in the form of licensing intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, brand rights, trade secrets, which are also accompanied by systems and methods of managing the business both in the field of goods and services.

  • ESO Land and Property
    By collaborating with several property companies and ESO real estate, land and property can facilitate the sale and purchase of property by credit payment method.

  • ESO Education & Training
    With ESO Education & Training expected the ability of users to complete their education to the highest level so that the ability of users to improve entrepreneurship and leadership skills is expected.

  • ESO Beauty
    ESO also cooperates with a number of beauty and care techniques in the hope that users can use this ESO Beauty service and ESO can also be a supplier of beauty products.

  • ESO Network
    This is a network in the field of marketing that will encourage the development of ESO products that are managed by people who have competence in the field of marketing.

  • ESO Health & Insurance
    With ESO Health & Insurance service, users are expected to have health and accident insurance so that they can enjoy their future without being charged about medical expenses in their old age.

  • ESO News
    This is a service to provide up-to-date information about Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Forex, E-Commerce, so that users can have information about ESO.

  • ESO Forum
    With the ESO Forum is expected to be a means by which ESO communities can provide input and assessment about ESO in order to support ESO in the future to be better.

    Through ESO technology this will be able to give positive results about innovative technology that is innovative so that ESO will continue to grow by having innovations that can continue to be accepted by the wider community.

  • ESO Fauchet
    Here, users can generate digital money for free by doing a task in the form of Captcha and this can be done with a varying time span of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and once an hour.

Here ESO has a perspective that customers are the only party that can be given priority in this service, so that there is interaction in the transaction between buyers and sellers wherever they are without knowing the distance between buyers and sales.

If you want to participate in the token sales program, please visit the official website of this project at:


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The concept and purpose of this project is excellent.
I hope that the development team will be able to make every effort
to make this project a great and useful project.

yes this is a very good project if you look at the functions and objectives so as to encourage growth in the economic sector and can increase transactions with ESO's current technology

This Project will be success in the future, because ESO has exciting ecosystem

yes you are right with the ecosystem that is owned by ESO it will be very good because of the development of the world of technology in the financial sector and transactions continue to experience development and therefore ESO comes with giving the best and having an ecosystem that supports this project for the better.

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