Idea for a Crypto eSports Team Coin!

in #esports3 years ago

This is my idea on a coin/token for a eSports Team with already/planning a fully fledged discord server! :P

It will be initially be distributed to anyone who joins the community (airdrop), more tokens will be given to team members!

It can/will be used in many ways:-

  1. Giveaways

Send x tokens to y contract to get a chance to win assets/cryptocurrencies.
Hodl x tokens for a chance to win more tokens/assets and sweet cryptocurrencies.
Purchase a "Pro Giveaway" role on discord with much bigger giveaways.

  1. Membership

Become an official member of the team on reaching/using x tokens.
Apply for a higher posts on reaching/using x tokens.

  1. Discord

Get special and flashy roles on using x tokens.
Get access to special rooms to chat and play.
More features and exciting privileges (like voting for a game to be added as a division).
Will be fixed at a constant ratio with in- server currency, so gamble to your heart's content :D

  1. Advertisement

By holding twitter/reddit airdrops, we will get the much needed traction.

  1. Rewards

POL- Proof of Loyalty
Simply be loyal to the team and be rewarded, there will be many ways to earn the tokens! Just play and stick around :P

Community driven contests and competitions on various themes and topics with high prizes for the creative and active.

Special team only internal tournaments and competitions which will be live-streamed and will boast high prize :D

  1. Lending (Major Planned Usage of the Token)

You can lend assets from other team members by paying tokens.
You can lend assets to other team members and earn tokens.

  1. Value!

By now, you can see that this token's price will go up, you will earn for being a member! Not just that, even just being a part of the community gets you
some tokens so don't fret if you don't become a member (And try your best!).
We might just include in burn mechanism and all to make it more valuable.
Its valuable not just in $ but also in its wide variety of uses! Not just for the team members but for any cryptogamer!