benefits of flowers and ways of cultivation

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Hallo steemian friend all this time we want to tell you a little about the various types of flowers.

***As we all know that the flower is a very beautiful flower, both seen from a variety of colors as well because it has characteristics that are not owned by other flowers, the flowers have a distinctive fragrance and can make the mind and head dizzy to be comfortable back.*** ![image]()

**In order for us to get flowers that are various kinds of healthy and multi-flowering is not difficult as we imagine, it's just that we need to pay attention to some things such as, when we want to cultivate we have to choose soil containing many nutrients such as soil from burning garbage , the soil mixed with empty rice husk, the clear loose soil is not a solid soil to flower the roots easily spread and absorb the surrounding food, the selection of flower pots fitting for example flower pots made from clay, or from cement that has been in the hole for fentilasi and for excess water drain so as not to precipitate because if the water settles a lot will lead to decay on the roots of the plant, especially on the roses that we are discussing now.** ![image]()

*Then the flowers we planted must be exposed to the eyes of the day, especially in the morning that is for photosynthesis, watering should also be routine we do especially in the morning and afternoon, but if the rainy season does not need watered again karna if the excess water was a rose this is not healthy, fertilization also needs to be done at least once a month, the type of fertilizer is often used is npk and hortigro fertilizers, to avoid flowers and leaves attacked by pest disease that can cause the leaves and flowers will wither and can also be attacked on the root area that will directly causing the flower to die.*
***So a steemian friend is a bit about the flowers that we often find almost every page of the house we live in.***
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