break the fast together very enjoyable

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Breaking fast together or often called the word BUKBER has become the routine of Muslims in the month of Ramadan. Bukber with friends, with friends of friends, and with friends friends😂.

*Not just a gathering event, bukber also be your arena for various stories to friends, show off job, show off boyfriend, and event to share wedding invitation😂 (this paragraph does not apply to singles) 😉.* ![image]()
**Planning schedule for bukber event has been discussed by the day by @abon7 one of the founders of SFC (steemit family community) with @abiafra who is also one of the group leaders. Had a chance to the location of the show at a restaurant of Simpang EkTren and Ujong Blang seafood curry goat, but because we are scheduling over 15 Ramadhan then all the place was full, and the group leaders decided to take the location at Bamboo Coffe KutaBlang Lhokseumawe.** ![image]()
*Arrive the day that in wait-awaited begins by talking about the price of SBD is declining while menadzan magrib reverberate, it's time to break the fast begins by reading the prayer together for gratitude can fast all day, after prayer finished then we all break with takjil which have been prepared and then continue with eating rice.* ![image]()
***While eating the food that was served and also accompanied by Senda jokes interspersed with laughter and jokes, I began to observe a "paparazzi" impromptu, I secretly began to snap there and here as a snapper to finish eating, and also a lot of fun by photographing a sitting face to face who is enjoying a meal.*** ![image]()
* ***It was a very embarrassing incident when I was going to photograph a beautifully laced girl who was eating behind the counter where we ate. when I take a snap, suddenly the camera (blitzh) it is alive, 😵 automatically the girl knows and in the end failed is my ignorant action 😞, of course accompanied by a loud laughter from the friends sitting beside me, 😂 and of course they taunt me for silly and ignorant acts of course😂. I also can not avoid the impact of other friends who also took me.*** ![image]()
* *But from such an incident made us all happy. after the meal was over, suddenly a friend of ours was the quietest and gave us his wedding invitations which of course shocked us but we were happy and congratulated him, and even more, his future wife he came from a village with me.* ![image]()
***After everything was done we went to prayer (prayers) at the mosque near where we ate breaking the fast, then we gathered again at TB (new terminal) Lhokseumawe and then back home respectively.*** # thank by @armasta

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