leaves and flowers are just as beautiful

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*Chili leaves are attacked into curly and yellow color, when a great attack of growth becomes dwarfed. Ta naman chilli stricken with ruasruasnya become short, leaves become small and leaf edges curved upward. This disease is a lot of attack in dry season Cabe that has been attacked by this plant must be revoked and burned, weeds must be cleaned and can be given systemic insecticides routinely with Post Harvest recommended doses before the plant is attacked.*

**The cayenne pepper can be harvested after the age of 2.5 The next harvest can be done 1-- 3 months after sowing. 2 weeks depending on the health and fertility of the plant. For cayenne pepper when treated properly can reach the age of 12 years, when always held pruning and re-fertilization after the crop is harvested. Re-fertilization can provide Chili fertilizer with a temperature of about 4oC with 9598% moisture can last about 4 weeks and at 10oC is still in good condition for up to 16 days.**
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