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***Freshwater known as a tourist attraction in the land of Gayo is a very cool place that is located in one of the districts of central Aceh. The coolest tourist attractions in this one aceh more visited on holidays. This place has a special uniqueness by the steam of the air is so cold, this place is also located at an altitude approaching the clouds so that this place is easily exposed to rainfall*** ![image]()
**Behind me there are several boats specifically leased to the tourists, of course sometimes also used to find fish when this tourist spot is quiet**

image This local tour is more famous with the sea of ​​fresh water that is amazing with the beauty of fresh sea in the fort or surrounded by mountain mountains. To travel this place I spend up to 5 hours to get to the goal, and even then when to be pursued with a high speed using a train that I have. Many outsiders come not to go home in one day, fatigue by our bodies makes us feel for an adequate resting place. ![image]()
*imageEnjoying life is very important by visiting the places where the attractions around you so that our bodies always mingle with nature.*
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