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  • I have not written in the steemit world for so long today, so today I will write again about Acehnologi's studies on the section "Acehnologi in the struggle of Identity" with subtitles 'History of Persia and Shia in Aceh'.

*This chapter will explain the history of Shi'ism in Aceh. There is a partial view that in Aceh there is no influence at all with the Shi'a. This view can be found in Azyumardi Azra's work when he speaks of the existence of Shi'ism in Aceh as a myth. And on the other hand, A. Hasjmy, Junus Djamil, and Aboebakar Atjeh agreed to come up with the argument that the Shi'i schools flooded in Aceh. So their thinking needs to be researched again. But in reality, in Aceh there are still villages and traditions that smell from the influence of Shi'ism. For example in North Aceh, there are still many groups that preserve the Shiite tradition, they hid together with Sunni groups without any conflict. Therefore, to explore the history of Shi'ism in Aceh can be done with social-historical, social and anthropological societies.* ![image]()

***Previously Shi'ism was one of the schools or schools of thought. In general, the Shi'a is rejecting the leadership of the three Islamic Caliphs. Thus, after the death of the Prophet (s), there are two groups: ahl al-byt and non ahl al-byt. The first group gave birth to Shiites, while the latter was known as the Sunni.*** ![image]()
*Aboebakar, mentioned as a place of Shi'i in North Aceh, there is a grave that 'smelly' persia. The place is not far from the sea and the river. A local archaeologist mentions that, there are no traces of the peureulak royal palace. However, he found some tombstones, and from the results of his analysis the stone is from Persia. Thus, many scholars are now more interested in exploring the existence of the peureulak kerajan rather than explaining how the meaning of history to the tombs that smell 'persia'*
**Furthermore, to talk about Shi'ism in Aceh we can see from several aspects, one of them, the problem of Shia in Aceh is part of the extension of the conflict in the Middle East. They are Shi'ites who are oppressed in their home country. The traders who are referred to as the 'Islamic mission' bearer successfully bring influence to Peureulak residents, Aceh. So that the problem of Shia can already be seen from history since the Peureulak kingdom, as the oldest kingdom in the archipelago.**
*In Indonesia, Shi'ite groups are not officially recognized because many of the issues are misleading. For this reason, in Aceh often talks about the Shi'a because in Aceh has applied Islamic law for those who menginjakan legs in the land of Aceh.*
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