For those who are feeling tired of chasing a dream and start despairing

in #esteem4 years ago

imageTake a break first. It's alright you have not been anything yet.
Maybe you see your friends have become what they want?
And you have not been what you want?

I've read in an article that "Everyone has their Time Zone - each"
And you? It will come where you will become the person you want to be.
Maybe not now, but later. So keep praying and trying.

And what is your job now and first is to be grateful for what is and what you have now.
Because, no matter how much you become, and as much as you have later. If you do not have gratitude, then you feel nothing and have nothing. But if you have gratitude, no matter how small you are, whatever you have, you will feel you have everything

And lucky people - people who are often grateful despite being in overrun disaster

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