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How does the existing principle have at this time? Whether that principle is enough to guide you in difficult times in steemit or perhaps we are trying to find the right principle for ourselves here. However, before we go, it's good we know what is the principle. according to the KBBI, the principle is the principle or principal truth that becomes the basic reason of thinking, acting and so forth. This understanding becomes the decisive factor for us in acting, and the mindset that conforms to the existing rules. speaking of the principle of course we speak of the foundation, which is more or less the same meaning. Principles are also in need wherever we stand, and work so that our thinking scale is focused so that the planned is done well. then what kind of principle is needed in this steemit, yes, as we know steemit also has to do with the principle although it is considered a social media that is certainly different from our daily work environment. Here are some principles that we must have if you want to survive in steemit .

Develop the right mindset In some of my posts, I've mentioned some points about developing a positive mindset in this media. in the steemit we are required to sharpen our mindset in a good direction, in order to avoid prejudice if any of us have an advantage with his talent, and there they can get more than we pay, it's because the effort they are doing is really, correctit took quite a long time.then, to build a positive mindset we have to see the standard of the process that he is going through, the twists and turns that may not be as heavy as we are facing. This becomes a necessity if we want our mindset always on the right path. recognized or not, we often get stuck with a negative mindset when seeing the person below us can skyrocketed in his field. For that, we must continue to translate every constraint into positive language .
Looking for Many Friends This is one of the keys if you want to succeed in this media. Steemit can not run alone without any friendship. Here does not apply if you better understand and belittle others who really understand. here also has nothing to do with your profession outside and underestimate people who do not have a job, because here only applies if you want to survive then that you are a friend of yours. Why? because they are already wrestling in steemit, their understanding is far from you. If still principled solo or I can do everything by my self means that you yourself stop your trip here. No one can survive in steemit without a friend helping. with the presence of friendship, we can help each other, and for those of us who are still weak, look for a good friend, who is ready to help you anytime .
Take control of yourself Human being memag, if sometimes we act beyond the limit of fairness, ie we force ourselves to post exceed the maximum limit, due diiming-ingin with voting bot or single voter who often come in our post. then, we also use it by posting anything, provided the voter continues to enter in our post, so we act out of control in order to pursue the reward of the single voter. this you are not only acting out of control, but you have given the impression is not good to other users. The impression you wake up with looking like that will make your properties that are not well detected here. so do not be tempted by single voters who often come to your post, because he will read the motion of your greedy nature is blindly. For that, control yourself, act naturally here.

Those are some principles if you want to stay in steemit. of course all the principles I wrote above are not absolute, and may not be entirely true, but at least the four principles I wrote are born from my experience in steemit. You may agree or not! That's it.


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