watermelon for beauty

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Fiber: The fiber content in the watermelon is perfect for consumption when you are trying to lose weight, because the supply of dietary fiber from watermelon reaches 0.4 grams.

Vitamins: Watermelon is a source of vitamin B6 (phridoxin), vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin C, which overall will supply daily body vitamins to reach 19% or 569 mg.
Minerals: Watermelon becomes one of the most potassium sources than other fruits that can help regulate blood pressure. In addition, other minerals contained in watermelon is manganese, its function is to metabolize and build bone structure.
Lycopene: These compounds are stored much in watermelon fruit. Every 100 grams of fresh watermelon there are 4,532 mg lycopene which is much higher than the amount of 2,573 mg of lycopene in tomatoes
.Many beauty clinics use watermelon-based treatments. This is because watermelon fruit loaded with vitamins that do not harm all skin types as well as its properties as antioxidants can contribute to skin health


Good post,, saya ingin mengikuti anda dan saya harab anda bisa mengikuti saya Balik mohon kerja samanya biar sama-sama banyak follower nya salam @zikrisetiawan

Ok kawan thank you.

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