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RE: Waiting for the winter

in #esteem3 years ago

The next day after we arrived the true fairy tale began! :)

Now, that's a fairy tale I want to be a part of!!!

I have always wanted to experience the winter season, but sadly, I have never had the opportunity to (well, apart from that of pictures, if that counts. Lol)

Even though all most people wanna do during the cold winter months is stay warm indoors, i do think winter has its own magic as well. Well, maybe some might be extreme, just like the adventure you and your friends embarked on.

I love how you guys all came together and had mad fun on your adventure. Yes, you were able to raise the mountains... Lol!😀

Your photos are great!


Thank you very much! Glad you enjoy the post! :)

My pleasure! Do you plan on doing this, this coming winter?

Only God knows!But we want it.