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Hello to all my steemit friends, I hope that you all are doing great and having fun in your life as I do.

I have been using @esteem app from many years as most of friends all ready know this, But I have some issue in this applicationn from many days.


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I have tried many ways to fix it but something is not good with this application i am having problem from while I want to use the boost or the promotion.


this is the screenshot that is shown when I am trying to boost my post.
I have uninstall and install this application many times but the same error comes again and again.

please help me @esteem team members help me @good-karma please help me to slove this issue, This will be very helpfull to me.

Thanks a lot.

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Thank you for your mention! As you can see, boosting and promoting post requires active private key or master password. If you logout and login again with above keys, you won't see this issue and transaction will be successful!

thanks a lot for your this quick response but I have tried this one more then 2 or 3 times in the evning today but nothing works I have install this application more then 3 times but very time this error shows 🤔🤷😖😖

please help me sir @good-karma

How are you logging in?

with the help of my steemit password 🤔 @good-karma

I have uninstall it many times but I don't know why how it remembers my name of steemit account and automatically logged me in 🤷🙇

Oh you have to remove it from Surfer witht his icon.


On mobile, you can try clearing app data.

ok sir @good-karma I will try this one

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thanks a lot sir @god-karma this worked sorry to bother you I think the whole mistake is mine it was saying log in with your active key but I was trying with my password and private posting key.

Thanks a lot sir my problem is solved.👍 🙏

sorry to bother you again sir but this wasn't fix at all.
after I entered my active key the error was gone but while I was trying to reply you it says you should log in with again with you password or posting key.
when I entered the posting key then the error again the same old one 😢

help me sir @good-karma

When you tried with master password, you still got error?

yes sir I have tried with all my three passwords but still got error


sorry for bothering you again But I think this time it worked with my master password I wonder why it's not working before in past day 😋

Thanks for all of your help @good-karma

no worries, thanks for letting me know 😉

ok sir thanks to you sir for helping its been great help @good-karma sir ⁦✌️⁩🙏🍻