Artificial Intelligence – Should Humanity Fear it?

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Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology have grown since its inception from the early 1950s. Before, such concept of non-living beings or inanimate objects having self-awareness and intellect that rival or in some cases surpasses that of man seemed like what a struggling science-fiction writer would think of – some people of the time would even argue that it is just a figment of one’s imagination – a myth. But as time passes by, that myth is quickly turning into reality.

Today, the word A.I can be seem, read, and heard virtually everywhere. It became so common that no one think of it as strange like those of the early days – proving that A.I is an accepted truth and not just figment of one’s imagination.

As an accepted concept, A.I technology can be commonly seen in books, movies, and television shows – either portrayed as an ally or an enemy of humanity. When talking about A.I, the movie “The Terminator” quickly come to mind.

The movie is about an out-of-control A.I that manages to develop its own self-awareness. In the movie, the self-aware A.I – Skynet, almost wiped out humanity – leaving only a small number of humans to form a resistance to fight for their survival. To stop the human resistance from ever forming, Skynet sent a humanoid robot to the past in order to prevent, John Connor, from ever being born. To stop this from happening, the resistance also send one of their own people to the past to stop the robot from killing John Connor’s mother.

The movie franchise, “The Terminator” perfectly portrays what would happen if a self-aware A.I went out-of-control. If you think about it, such scenario is without a doubt terrifying. But should humanity really fear this quickly advancing technology and nip it from the roots?


In my personal opinion, the advantages of Artificial Intelligence far outweighs the danger it possesses. Certainly, there is always a danger of an A.I becoming self-aware then try to destroy humanity but the chance of that happening is abysmally small! As such, fearing a technology that could aid in humanity’s growth for a negligible chance that it would go out-of-control is foolishness at best.

Instead of fearing such a beneficial technology, we as human beings, should try perfect the technology and eradicate all potential dangers from ever occurring. Of course, nothing in this world is truly perfect and there will always be hidden dangers from such technology but we could at least try to make it as perfect as possible.

Artificial Intelligence technology is extremely beneficial to our growth as race – helping us to become more advance as a race. Therefore, instead of fearing Artificial Intelligence for an unknown danger that has a negligible chance of ever happening, we should embrace it with open arms and reap all the benefits that the technology has to offer.



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