The Importance of Proper Guidance

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Many parents assumed that as long as they give their children every material things they wanted, that would've been enough to make them happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, reality proved this assumption to be wrong.

Though working hard for our children is very important, working to the point of neglecting our children will only have adverse effects on their development. As such, we must also reserve time to give our children the much needed proper guidance.

Why is Proper Guidance Important?

Giving proper guidance to our children is of great importance as that would ensure that our children will grow as God-loving and law-abiding citizens. Watching the news, One would often see and hear teenagers and adults committing crime. And a bit of research would reveal that these people often came from poor, broken families but some came from wealthy and prominent families.

But what does it means?

It means that status in life was not the deciding factor that would decide if the person would commit crime or not. I strongly believe that if these people were given proper guidance when they're still young, they would have not end up the way they did. Hence, to avoid the same thing from happening to our own children, we, as parents must provide proper guidance to our children.


Bonding and proper guidance go hand in hand. While teaching our children, we must also bond with them. Not only will this make us closer to them, it'll also strengthen our families' bond.

Making it Fun

We don't need to be too rigid and strict when guiding our children. In reality, being too strict in our teachings will only backfire. Children needed love, and scolding them when they make mistakes is okay but doing it too often would have adverse effect on them, not to mention too much scolding cause them to become rebellious which is the exact opposite of what we wanted to do.

There are plenty of fun activities that'll make teaching our children fun and memorable; and it'll be up to us what we think is best to use. For example, we could simple and fun outdoor games that will not only teach them but making it enjoyable too! Another way is to go camping not just to enjoy nature's beauty but to widen their horizons as well. There's so many way hwo to make guiding and teaching fun that we won't run out of ideas. All we need is to reserve some of our time for them.


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