4 Precious Metals That Are Suitable For Investment Options

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In conditions that are completely uncertain like now, the level of awareness and awareness of risk is very necessary, including systematic risk, it is very necessary to continue to be considered.
Success in terms of investing will be closely related to diversification and also expertise in managing risk management that gets better.
In other words, you should not put all your money in one investment instrument, because market conditions may drop and here the tone will bear the loss if you do not diversify your investment in a smart and appropriate way.

Metal (metal) is a chemical element that has formed ions (cations) and has metal bonds. in addition, metal is also one of three groups of elements that are distinguished by ionization and bonding properties, together with metalloids and non-metals.
When it comes to investing in precious metal, most people know of investing in gold. Even though it's not just that, there are still many choices.

There are a number of other precious metals that are also suitable for investment, although they cannot be deceived if they are the most promising thing.

Yes, it's not surprising that gold is the most popular, but it's used in the past. Even before there was paper money, gold was used as a transaction tool.

So, what are the precious metals worth investing in? Come see the following review.


This metal can really be your investment choice. Silver was even juxtaposed with gold as money, aka the transaction tool. Until now, there are still countries that use silver as the basis of their currency. Compared to gold, silver prices tend to be more stable. As shown in Silver price, the price of gold has declined since its increase in 2011. But it is precisely when this is the most appropriate time for hunting silver.



So far, people know that palladium is material for wedding rings or engagements, especially for men. Just a little who knows that this metal turns out to be suitable for investment. Just so you know now, just like gold, palladium is not easily damaged by corrosion and oxidation. Palladium is also a mixture for producing white gold. A mixture of gold and palladium is very easy to form into various types of jewelry. Speaking of prices, palladium has dropped enough in 2016. At that time the price was around US $ 16 or Rp 237,688 per gram. In other words, overall, the price of palladium tends to rise.



Just like palladium, this precious metal is also used as jewelry. It's just that the difference between palladium and other precious metals is that platinum has a gleaming color. So, there is nothing coated, platinum is shiny with its own model. About the price, platinum had become the prima donna from 2002 to 2008. The price in 2002 at that time around US $ 13 per gram soared to touch the figure of US $ 70 in 2008. Unfortunately, sparkling platinum prices did not last forever.
The price then starts freefall to the figure of US $ 26. Even so, platinum had shown an increase in prices again. It can be concluded that this year platinum prices tend to increase compared to previous years.



If this precious metal does not need to be doubted. Gold is the most sought after precious metal. no wonder if the price is more expensive than other precious metals. The prospect of gold investment is fairly bright because the price tends to rise, especially when the demand is high because of the weakening of the Rupiah like now.


These are the four precious metals that you can make as investment instruments. So, which one will you choose?