Steem is Steam Rolling to first place !

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Steem just surpassed Verge and is making a massive leap to first place to be listed on NETCOINS ! Keep spreading the word because we still need hard work to surpass PAC Coin. Here it’s s the link for voting:


Now if the price could follow that lead and rise to the top, it would be nice :)

This is awesome
Go Steem Go!

I’m telling everyone I know to vote . We simply must win this one hehe

I’m telling everyone I know to vote ! All votes count !

We have three more days of voting
Remind all steemians
Keep on postin’

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Love the spirit! Kepp up the good work :)

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STEEM will definitely be #1 soon, because I heard PAC COIN voted a lot using the same IP which is not allowed. We need to keep the momentum going and take it to the finish line...

Damn Cheaters. yes on the website it says something about that and that the vote count might be revised ! Either way i think Steem will surpass today and keep the lead. Lets hope so'!

We might have time to catch them!