Trying out Esteem app !

in #esteem10 months ago


I’m trying out the new Esteem app and I must say the interface is really nice! The format is clean, up to date, and things are easy to find. I will be trying it out for a while and make a more detailed review and evaluation. Compared to the old esteem app this is a huge improvement.

What do you use to post on Steem ?


Hey @dandesign86 great minds must think alike ;) I also just tried it out today and wrote a post on it. I love it. It really is a good,clean format and interface :)

Haha that’s right ! Seeing these kind of upgrades make me more optimistic - it is a lot easier for people to join Steem when the interface is simple and logical

Haha I see some others like it too :)

Thanks for using eSteem!
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