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RE: Waiting for the winter

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You guys are truly determined to achieve your goal. True winter sport lovers! These mountains in Bulgaria look amazing and I would never say it's Bulgaria to be honest. Didn't know there was so much snow :) How high are these mountains? Around 2000 m?

It really is a winter paradise or like we say winter wonderland. So much snow, beautiful scenery and NO people around, just you and your friends.. and of course the hut, hut keeper, snowmobile, avalanches and all the other things :D

But why is it better for free riders to go in late March/April? Is it because of the snow quality or it doesn't really matter?

Your photos are amazing. The sky is so blue! It looks like you had a blast and I'm sure you can't wait for this winter to come :)

I'm afraid of breaking my limbs so I prefer hiking in the mountains but I love watching people skiing or snowboarding or doing whatever they do with snow :)

Thank you for sharing!


Hey, @delishtreats! Thank you very much for your lovely comment! The hut is at 2162m altitude and we ski just below our highest peak in Bulgaria - Musala, 2925m.

The snow is usually(not always, it depends on the year) terrible in late March and early April and we ski only between 10 and 12 am because before that the snow is too hard, like ice, and later it is too unstable and wet. But we love winter sports and the mountains so much that we use even these last opportunities :)

It would worth it to overcome your fears :) It is an amazing sport that reveals a whole new world for you.

Have a great evening!

Highest peak in Bulgaria is almost at 3000 m?! WOW! I had no idea!

I can imagine... I've heard that it is difficult ski when it's like ice and wet snow is not good either. It's good that you found the best time of the day for you..

Oh, you know.. I know too many people who had serious ski injuries and a friend of mine died 6 years ago when she was skying. She was sitting in a ski lift and some snowboarder push her while he was jumping and she fell on icy snow.. she couldn't be helped.. so this is why I have my fears and I don't think I could ever overcome them. I'm lucky that I enjoy hiking so that I can go to mountains and enjoy winter wonderland anyway :)

Have a great evening too!