Random musings at midday #1: What do you do when sleep evades you?

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I wrote this at midnight because I couldn't sleep but was unable to post it because of the poor cellular network here. It was meant to be a "random musing at midnight" but since I couldn't post it at midnight, I decided to delay posting it till midday, so it could become a "random musing at midday".... Hehehehehe, brilliant idea, this one.

Let's say, a lot of "unexpected things" have been going on with you lately and they all seem to be happening all at once. Unfulfilled engagements, a business deal gone sour, financial worries, a failed relationship, the list seems endless. Nothing seems to go rightly, your self confidence is waning and insecurities plague you.

You find yourself awake at night, awakened from a troubled sleep where your worries played themselves out as dreams. You are tired yet unable to take rest, it's obviously going to be a long night and you wonder what you could do to pass time until sleep comes.


For me, writing about how I feel has always helped in times likes this. I have discovered that while trying to express all the troubled thoughts jumbled up in my head in comprehensible words, I am able to get a clearer picture of my problems and hence, I am able to figure out a way of handling some, if not all of them . Also, since I am on steemit, I could earn a few bucks by writing about how I handle difficult situations.... Lol.

We all have our ways of handling difficult situations and I would love to know yours. So guys, tell me, what do you do when sleep evades you at night, I really wanna know..... I intended for this post to be an interactive one, hence I would really appreciate your comments.

Quick note for those currently undergoing some shitty moments in their lives: look at the bright side of your situation, if there's none, create one!!, you would definitely get through this, and you would definitely come out stronger.


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I have had a couple of sleepless nights in the month of June. I must admit my heart has been bleeding a lot.

It's so frustrating when events of the past just pop up in your face. Paying for offences you never committed and seeing those you care about in pain.

It's a situation I wish to get over ASAP

Am so sorry about that dear. I can assure you that things are gonna look up soon, it's just a matter of time.

Amen... Thanks for the kind words.

Keep yourself busy. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing or try to exercise. For me the more I do during the day and the more tired I am the less opportunity I give myself to not sleep. Of course if you have something that’s been troubling you the best way to not think about it is to try to find a solution in the most direct way.

Yeah, writing about it helps me with that. Usually, at that point in time, everything else seems blurred out, the only thing you would see are your worries.