Brilliant stuff! I’ve been an eSteem user now since the release of 2.2 and I couldn’t be happier that I switched! Glad to see the confidence in your product isn’t going unnoticed

I hope it continues in this vain, looking forward to spin and win and all the new sink plans

Can't wait to spin....

Wow great it is amazing. I also like this app.

"More than 1000 posts had been boosted and promoted in just 1 month. It is quite amazing to see and it is beyond our expectation for first month."
I am regularly boosting my blog posts with eSteem Points (ESTM), so I probably nicely contributed to that 1000. The eSteem Points (ESTM) are really helping the Steem community. They are actually motivating me to keep posting both blog posts and comments, and I am sure that I am not alone with this. I - as a minnow with currently (2019.09.24, 22:37 CEST) 682.398 Steem Power - would like to recommend eSteem especially for new Steem users, for redfish/plankton users and for minnow users. I would also like to say thank you for the great work to the developers of eSteem, and keep up the good work! By the way, I am looking forward to the new eSteem Points (ESTM) use cases. I am sure that the Steem delegation for eSteem Points (ESTM) and the Steem Engine token integration will be successful.

Thanks for feedback @xplosive! Keep up the good work with mining and boosting 😉

awesome update, surely all people will benefit with this update.

This is great news of the day and I like your users caring approach. Thank you so much and i am excited for upcoming functionalities.

I am also happy with this user friendly approach.

i am pretty happy to join this good platform,, hope bright future with for us..

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That is good @esteemapp because it will help the authors with the decrease of beneficiary rewards.

Very cool ... I like this idea :) I'm happy to see that esteem try make new things all time.
I hope all esteem team have day start cool there ... here was morning cold and soon come more in next days :)

i am pretty happy to join this good platform,, hope bright future with for us..

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Great news!! Thank you. Try this @ekavieka 😉

This is very good news :)
So, where we can expect ESTM soon? At steem-engine or it will be one of the first SMTs?

It will be SMT and it is already available in all eSteem apps (mobiel and desktop). You can already earn/mine ESTM. Try it out!

Thanks for precise answer. If the mine/earn is voting/commenting/posting I'm in :)

That's great news :D

Very good news. Resteem

Spin & Win Excellent development from you guys @esteemapp.
I'll touch with you for more updates. Hope more users join with Esteemapp.

Ya. @esteemapp is getting popular very quickly for their this kind user friendly approach

Thanks that would be awesome, more rewards in our pocket the better!

One bug I had that I think I reported is with a pin set, I couldn’t boost or promote my posts but once the tech support person suggested removing the pin it stopped. Would be good to add the pin back for security.

Pin Security is always there and user has choice to set it and enable or disable in Settings page.

Yes I get that but when I set the pin, doing so broke the boost and promote function. I removed the pin and boost and promote worked perfectly fine. That’s broken.

We have pushed v2.2.2 update to PlayStore and AppStore. Please check for update, it should fix the problem. Let us know if you encounter bugs again. Thanks

As always, you seem to be ahead of the curve. I think it does make sense to curve the rewards. The more rare a token, the more value that is assigned to it.

Wow! Surprising development!

It will generate more revenue to the users.
Great news.
Happy esteeming and steeming

Great! I am using linux version. Is it already updated?

Surfer update will be pushed soon, we are doing final tests before pushing for release. Stay tuned!

Do you have a release date for these features? I am quite excited to see how the new ecosystem will behave...

Release should be out this week as v2.2.2! We have already pushed update to PlayStore and AppStore.

This sounds good...
Great Job and waiting for the release

ya eagerly waiting

Spin and win sounds fun. Also I just started using esteem and how many points do you need for a dollar upvote

You can check, boosting feature page and it will give you estimation right away. Let us know if you found it

Thanks I found it

Great work. Kudos to the team

I discovered a bug which I want to report.
8 discovered that when I edit a post using esteemapp, it is always published as a new post. Which makes my posts to be duplicated. It's has happened to me twice now

Please fix the bug to enjoy the app the more

Hi @fatherfaith,
Thanks for report! Could you elaborate more on how you did double post?

Did you click edit post button and then moved away from post and came back hoping it will submit edit but posted as new? If that's what happened, that's expected behavior. When you click edit post, edit and submit right away.
Also did you use mobile app or desktop app, which version on what device?

I used the latest mobile version. I clicked edit post, edited and submitted right away but it submitted as a new post

Ok, we will double check, final details: You are using Android or iOS version? You logged in with steemconnect or regular login?

Awesome! I've just delegated 500sp to esteemapp. Wishing you all the best.

eSteem just gets better and better! ❤️

This is really a great news. I always love to post via esteem app and interact with other people. Even on my smartphone it is the most used app by me.

Thanks @rocksg for support, it means a lot to hear from our loyal users...


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That's such good news to the users of @esteemapp, hope will bring more Steemians to use this awesome dapp!

Thanks @joelai for support and comment!

The pleasure is all mine!

esteemapp is growing faster

oh.. hmmm.... well... lets see how it works, heh.

Uuaaah!!! Great news! Thank you for support! Good work!👏👏👏

Good updates from the team.

that is great 😍 . which version of Android is needed for spin? I got an error and cant use it .

Can you share what error you got or share screenshot so we can fix it? Spin & Win is almost ready, we are finalizing last touches and should be ready to roll out soon.

i get these two error , don't know what is the reason ,maybe my phone,,, i have Android 6.0
and thank you so much :)


estmh (2).png

Thanks for report @li-art, really appreciate these reports! 🙇 🙏

  1. We will check reason behind this because couple others also reported similar message.
  2. This is just warning message, nothing to worry about, we will update Google Billing API library with new update.

You are very welcome .and thank you so much for all your efforts and great updates . I am waiting for it . 😍😇

Very cool!

"Smokin' tokens" joins "Spin and Win!"
eSteem just keeps getting better and better!

This is definitely a great update. The reduction in beneficiary rewards will be greatly useful for people who post regularly using Esteem app. Good move by the team.

I would like to highlight one of the risks, this can bring. There can be more abusers in the platform who try to accumulate more ESTM points by spamming posts and comments and other activities. It will be nice to have to as some thought and bring some control over it. But this is definitely a great move.

I believe you are now the role model for all other communities to reconsider the beneficiary rewards they have been taking. Thanks for this awesome update @good-karma and team.

ESTM mining has its own curve and daily pool limit and we are constantly working on improving it until we get better, fair and equal distribution. Social activities cost RC so users are discouraged from spamming in blockchain level as well.

Still don't have estm points for sheduled posts 🙄

Our updates should be live from tomorrow. It is already fixed! Thanks to your feedback!

Can't wait it. Thank you for fixing that!

I think the idea of ​​using a token is excellent. Updates are a great benefit.

Great news :)

I still would like to see the option to add beneficiaries. Decreasing, locking or not the esteem %...

Yes, you have right!

Very nice to know that ! Started to use the app again and it’s a lot better !


This week is the first time esteem is working for me. I hope it will be possible in the nearest future too. I find it a bit hard to figure out plus the notifications chaotic and the icon of the bin could better change with the sent button.

Congratulatiins with your token and future plans. A happy Wednesday 💕

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I appreciate the quickness of responses when I have technical issues. This is my favorite way to access the block-chain for posting. I am pleased you are decreasing the beneficiary rewards. Any plans to make the Esteem tokens tradeable either or steem engine or the new smt platform?

SMT release is upon us and right now, we don't have plans to convert it to steem engine tokens. We will continue to monitor development of SMT. Follow us so you could read news when we publish them. Thanks!

Keep esteemapp as simple as it could.

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Thanks @esteemapp for this excellent user friendly approach. I am satisfied with this app and continueously using it. Its very good update.

How and when will get the spin update?
Do i need the update the app now?

Spin update will come soon with next update. It is always recommended to stay up to date with latest release so you get best benefit/experience.

Nice move, introducing esteem token and thanks for decreasing b.rewards.

Great job, can't wait to see those new features.

Wow so cool, please follow me on steemit yes. Iam from Indonesia

This is great news guys. It’s taken me a little bit but I’m finally quite comfortable with your iOS app and using it for most of my posts.

I rarely open my laptop these days and do the vast majority of my blogging from my phone.

I was a little worried about the beneficiary reward taken by eSteem and considering going back to laptop only blogging. So this is quite a welcome announcement. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the app.

Great job! It’s sound to amazing! I think, It’s very useful to us! Thank you so much for that... Go ahead...

Good esteem, i will go play in aplication.thanks

Now there are two possibilities that we must use

IOS or android
I'm a little confused which one of the two

do we have to use the 2 application this

iOS is for iPhone and iPad users.
Android is for all Samsung and other Android devices. 😊

Yes I have understood thanks thanks @estemapp


Just letting you know it's still showing 10% on my end.

Are you using latest version of Mobile? Surfer will receive update this week and it will have new changes but mobile already has changes.

Ohp, must've missed that part. I was using surfer. Apologies.

Wow. Many nice new things are coming.

Esteem is the best.... 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍