eSteem Monthly Digest: August 2018

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Another month passed away! So fast again! We've been pretty silent this month. Produced only 10 news in August. This is because all of our team members are too busy working on product updates preparing to show you something cool at SteemFest. In case you've missed our blog posts here is what happened in eSteem these days.

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eSteem Surfer Development progress: this month we've released 3 updates. Dramatically improved overall look of Surfer, added Top Posts feature, redesigned navigation bar and implemented Power Search. Just make sure you've updated to the latest 1.1.12 version.

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Witness: Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake. Community elects witnesses to act as the network's block producers and governance body. Here is why you should vote for good-karma as a witness.

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Listed on eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer had been featured on decentralized application catalouge and we've asked our users to tweet about it to raise the raiting. Lucky ones got their SBD prizes.

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Tips on using eSteem. Warming up an interest and educate our users by posting video tutorials of unique eSteem features. This month tips are on using: Bookmarks & Favorites, Top Posts & Edit History features.

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eSteem Discord Monthly Giveaway. We started to encourage our Discord users with SBD rewards according to use stats monlthy! 5 eSteem users actively helping others in our chat will win every month.

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Top 5 reasons why I use Surfer. We have released number of new features for last couple month that will change your Surfing experience on Steem. Check good-karma top 5 picks to use Surfer daily...

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Thank you for using eSteem, reading and supporting our dynamically growing community!

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vote for witness good-karma


Thanks for the interesting information given by you with this post eSteem Monthly Digest: August 2018.

interesting ideas :) I hope this all go big :)

eSteem Discord Monthly Giveaway, Thank you have to make me as a winner for months agustus. Hopefully eSteemapp continues to be the numbers 1 in the heart of our esteemians.

Congrats on winning!

satisfying job. congratulations and success for @esteemapp and team

You are just awesome.Your post is really organized.That for this nice job.

useful posts thank you for the information

yay.. keep doin good update steemy.. just join for awhile. love the platform so far..

very useful and informative post.... keep it up

This is the hope awaited by all eSteem users. Hopefully eSteem is more advanced and can make users easy to surf.

Thank you @esteemapp

I how you guys add some templates to esteem Surfer because that will make it way more badass

August turned out to be a great month for you.

Август оказался отличным месяцем для Вас.

"Just make sure you've updated to the latest 1.1.12 version." Can you tell us when exactly the update to release sir @esteemapp ? Esteemian waiting with big spirit. Thanks

eSteem Surfer 1.1.12 is released already. Just follow the link from the post.

Poor I am, I have do wrong. I think esteem mobile before. Because I use it usually. I am sorry sir @dunsky. Oke, I must open my laptop quickly to update my esteem surfer. God bless you sir.

Great work brother

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Great work
Thanks for the information and I must confess, esteemapp is cool.very easy to use

hello :) , where can i put suggestions to the esteem application? upgrades so to speek.... so my suggestion is this.
make a customisable tamplets for posts, so that user wont have to rewrite always new of everything. custom types for posts, it will be an optiuon next to schedueles, and will be called post types, (create a type)
mine would be called poems, stories, news, and so on, it would make steemit consistent with its tags, thus better experience for everyone. people cant find some random tags and wont look for them either.
this is my idea, from using esteem surfer for now. thank you that app is wonderful! EDIT, i fouynd the diskord i posted this there thank you!

Templates are possible via Drafts feature, have you tried using it as template? With Types do you mean categorizing templates/drafts with different tags or labels?

hello,here is photo of what i have in mind. since there is so much space for button, its such a hassle to go to drafts tab. id rather have the button in the yellow area. its always been so hard to make the right tags for the posts with this the tags would be more consistent. sa.JPG
so what i mean is Labels(customisable PERMANENT DRAFTS) yes that would be drafts where person can write custom title, tags and essentials to the post so the person would not have to redo everything or go to draft button. quality comes from attention to detail, and with this a person can perfect the minor details. and overall add to the value of the post. ("edit template" option must be there too)

thank you for your time. and i hope this makes sense now. have a nice day.

@esteemapp, thanks for your information. Good luck!!

I'm trying the Windows desktop version. Where and how can we submit suggestions/questions? Add something like Steampeak's feature to remove resteems from the feed. Can I get a list of the the accounts I follow? Can I select my own list of Tags? I am definitely not an expert on Steem or SteemIt so any advice is welcome. Thanks.


Please report via or directly to our github.

We will add remove resteem from feed soon. List of following and followers can be found in your profile page, just click on numbers on left side. Selecting own list of tags is not possible, but we are open to explore this option, please add it to github issue you create. Thank you!

@esteemapp gracias por tu información excelente