Congratulations to the winners!

!giphy stage+spotlight

Thanks so much for the Leaderboard prize! It's always so much fun to see all of these active eSteem users!

Wow! Congratulations to all the winners!

This is such a great motivation to regularly use eSteem. I will be using eSteem a lot, for sure! 😊

I have been among the winners far too often over the past two years since @good-karma started giving out these rewards and I would Love to see someone else win! Hope to see your name up there next month!

Hahaha! Hopefully, Melinda, I would love that! 😂 That would be sooooo cool if it happens. Lol! 😂😛

I remember that you were one of the first ones who used eSteem app. I think, back then, I have learned using this app from you. No wonder you are rewarded because of your loyalty using it! And @good-karma is so generous to be giving out rewards!

Have a pleasant day ahead.

If you are planning on making tons of comments you should join @abh12345 's Engagement League. Easy to do.
Just make a comment on Asher's post saying you would like to join. There are prizes there, too!

@eSteem has been really good to me, ever since I started here.

"Tons of comments." Lol. That made me laugh! 😂😂

I joined Sir Asher's Engagement League yesterday. Hahaha! 😊 But thank you for mentioning it. I'm not good at talking and my English is average, so that holds me from giving comments especially in that language. Hahaha! 😁

Good luck! I'll be cheering for you. Your comments are always wonderful. No worries there!

Thank you so much, Melinda. Your kind words mean so much to me.

Woohoo...congrats to all the leaderboards winners

Congratulations to all Steemeans friends, for getting an award from @esteemapp

Congratulations to all winners

I made it for the first time
Thanks @esteemapp
Congrats to all of us that made it

Thank you once again @esteem i am very honored to be in the spot light again and congrats to all the other hard working Steemers :)

I hope soon I'll be the part of this list.

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I had obviously missed this announcement, Thank you very much @goodkarma !