Announcing the eSteem Token: ESTM

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Esteem desktop is great. It offers all the functionality official wallet should have had, and it works reliably.

Thanks @furion! We are bringing Surfer experience to Web as well, soon! 😊

I am looking forward to see more details!
Good job! 🙂

Same I wanted to write :))
Can't wait to get more informations :D

I am so excited that you are making ESTM be SMTs! I hope Steemit launches SMTs soon!

Thanks, look out for release 😉

I have visions of becoming an ESTM whale!

We all want see this how we get there :)) @melinda010100 lets use lot App and let this cool team make there work peacefully so we all get someting cool :)

We can be whales together!

Yes... and lot users more 😋😋👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳
I feel this Esteem get soon very strong, it was just need some time to make something big.👌

You are already one of the whales 😊 btw, we are adding filters into leaderboard, so this release will give you some idea about other whales too, stay tuned

Well, that made my day! 😍❤️😍

For now separate but if community request is to have it as Steem Engine token, we will consider allowing swap functionality, for now focus is to increase use cases and demand. We want our tokens to be used and actively circulating.

It's very interesting to see how does the esteem team is working

Thank you very much..sounds great...looking forward to get more information..up..resteemed..follow you..

Waaa;;;This is a great idea and awesome for all users.That is the best success for all steemains as well as on you and better future.I like so much about it and reblogged.

Finally,its wonderful news. Is there an update after estm launching ? And how about points for using @esteemapp, can we convert to token or steem ?? Thank you @esteemapp and @goodkarma. Blessing

Use cases of ESTM will be posted soon with details. Stay tuned!

This is a very good news, look forward to ESTM

It will be a great pleasure and priviledge to be part of this

This is so awesome 🥳

I am still a beginner of Steem, and I am so very excited to learn more.

Awesome stuff!
Super stoked to see how this integrates with what is already in place.

Good addition.
Love the app.
Best of luck ☺

Good news for many people who have been under the Steem and Esteem Application for a long time.

Updating the Mobile version by giving ESMT Token rewards is a very wise first step, and of course this has not been maximized. Where some deficiencies of Utilities can not give confidence to the public.

The community hopes that this will be real soon, and we will buy to power up or save and trade in it. Just say, one day it will be under:
Big news for 2019 from @esteemapp and the development team.

Amazing job and keep on giving happy news to the whole community

so GLAD you are doing it the SMT way. plenty of choice for everyone! looking forward to see this progress.

Thanks! 😉

This what I wanted see what next move :) ... Very good news and Esteem gets every time more strong :)

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i'm excited for ESTM. down the road esteem can be the best interface for steem and replace steemit. meanwhile one thing i don't like about the mobile app is the incredible amount of wasted space at the top.

Thanks for feedback! We will try to decrease it.

Everyone should replace Steemit LOL.. for a web interface, use SteemPeak, otherwise, eSteem 👍🏻

Good job, keep going!

Great job guys, you are building great stuff and I enjoy using eSteem. Now that ESTM is here, things will be different in the upcoming months. I do love the fact that you are building eSteem while being blockchain agnostic since the industry is moving fast. Congratulations

Thanks, our goal has been always to give our users best possible user experience

This is the best piece of news that I have seen today.

I did not know that eSteem is the longest running application. I am am enjoying it and the level of detail speaks volume of your experience.

I am looking forward to the ESTM Token. I have not seen any specifics about how SMTs will work and their exchange, but I am assuming they will share the details before the 27th of August.

Is there a Beta/test going on, where I may participate to test the ESTM token?
Will we be able to covert eSteem points to ESTM Tokens?
How would the mining work for ESTM tokens?

We will make separate post about mining and yes you can already download latest release and start earning/mining, we are about to release v2.2.0 which will come with a lot of exciting changes, stay tuned for t

Such a nice update from the team.


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Thanks for the post.

it's very interesting, you mentioned about to do it, by using the app?

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Sounds good, following

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Excited to see where this goes!

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Welcoming your work with pleasure.

Thanks you so much my friend, information update estm token @esteemapp

When does the new app release? Im getting error messages every-time I reload. (Desktop app)

Excellent progress.
Keep going.

This is actually interesting in this sense because so far most of the tokens are still very content essential and there has to be a way to fully utilize it (for it is valuable) in the future.

As a person learning to be both content quality poster and learning entrepreneur, a token will need to be much more than to just gain audience exposure. Bread and Butter is still needed on the table and tokens can't feed empty bellies with only itself.

I am looking forward to see what is at hand and excited to see how ETSM will evolve, as I try to look at other ways to find more meaningful ways to make steem valuable.

You understand that the entire STEEM blockchain is content essential, it was built from the ground up to reward content. It even states in the WP that the tokens built off of STEEM are for the purpose of communities rewarding their top content creators and for staking the token in a similar way to SP .. so, STEEM tokens are meant for exactly the purposes they are used for today. The STEEM blockchain values content and tokens on the blockchain inherent the use of valuing content. You have to think about them within the STEEM ecosystem - the ecosystem they are being used in, instead of comparing them to other tokens on blockchains with a different use case entirely.

Yes I understand it is content essential, then what next?

Are you going to keep staking and staking and staking until the cows come home?

Looking at the real world context, no. People need to eat and survive.

So my point is that what's next?

It's not that I don't appreciate the rewards of content. But rewards earned and sell off (instead of staking) if they are not received by someone else who values them, STEEM itself will devalue by the day, because it is not taken into consideration of its value.

To make something valuable is to show its potential.

The last 3 years steem blockchain has been appealing to only content creators but there isn't an outlet (besides staking and support other content creators) that will be able fully see its potential to the point it will attract even more people to hold onto the value of steem

Except games, which includes collectibles like Steemit monsters, which is great.

And that's where I am interested to see the more developments of estm itself. Look outside the box so that content creators and curators will have more meaning besides supporting the essential content creation.

I hope you can see the potential to expand the ecosystem in this way.

Unless you are perfectly comfortable with this tiny little bubble of rewards, stake and curate?

Wow! thats really great news for all of us.

I am purchased ESTM token @esteemapp

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I cant play it from my phone

Would be good to have embedded player so it can be played from mobile apps, if there is any html tag you want us to support let us know

nice work gents.

This is good to know and great job guys..
I hope some of these other changes that are still to come also address the esteem points users have been piling up and nothing has been said as regard its future.

Looking forward to it!!! Great stuff 👍

The approach definitely seems like a great way to start as many have done the same and are now really gaining some traction with their token! Given the versatility and capabilities of the app, Inam sure it will have a great amount of interest and will be able to add value to the ecosystem!

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eSteem is the longest running mobile application for Steemians

Yes thats true, From the time I was actively started my engagement in steemit I was using esteem applixcation and from that perspective - "Is it little bit of late already in introducing these token when we were the only one after steemit which I believe. I am not sure but "Better late than Never and I am looking forward to more posts regarding this.

I also heard that there is a new version for mobile which I am really waiting for since in the current version there is no option to make the fonts big and the one we have is too small to read - Hehe may be I am getting older.

All the best.

We are here excited to hear this new development

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This is so awesome

Good addition.
Love the app.
Best of luck ☺

I'm hoping and waiting for the good connectivity when it comes to ios app. Because it always lagged when I open my acount. I can not even open a blog.

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Would I get any tokens from downloading the app?

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Would I get any tokens from downloading the app?

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As a one of the first users of this app I wish a success to @goodcarma and a team in its development. 😉👍

Thanks, mate!

I knew that very well eteem must be bring token it matter of time. I am wait for declareation from esteem. At last they declared. I suggest to @esteem they should enlisted on steem-engine. Most of the steem token user used to steem-engine.

LOL just when i thought the other day i wonder if these esteem points are ever going to be worth something

So lets use this app every day to make post 😋😋👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Lol I've been trying to use the mobile app to comment at least but it keeps crashing on me

Take new server 👌 lot times this help fast.


Really its a nice Idea for steem user

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@esteemapp, Awesome news team and mining tokens through Use Of Platform is boosting aspect because it's an opportunity to all the users. Hope that everything will be processed without any obstacles. My good wishes are with you team.

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Hello, i tried the app which says eSteem v2 but login button not enabling after putting my credentials, is there another app instead of this one?

So glad to hear about estm token

eSteem is future ready and I am excited for further updates about it. Way to go team.

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I have been using esteem a lot lately and I'm totally satisfied with both the mobile app and surfer... Since Steem token economy has been sprouting lately I think that a good use case for esteem would be to earn those tokens via upvotes with esteem trail... The value of ESTM could be backed with the best performing and most promising tokens (it could be steem-engine tokens, SMT, or a combination big both). Even more, if esteem will have the possibility to integrate with others blockchain token, then it's value will be very high since it could turn into some kind of gate way for people to earn other tokens (such as EOS based tokens)... These are exciting news, I'm looking forward for the upcoming months to see where all this drive us.

Best regards.

Yeah your esteem application is good enough but i faces some issues with your application

wow, great news!
I believe many people are like me, wondering about the details on how the mining of ESTM works.

SMTs will surely bring changes, both in a favored and unfavored way. But, I'm excited to find out, this is gonna be a fun ride for me!

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Will there be some form of airdrop? And will esteem users get some?

I've been using esteem for a while now, glad to know it's only going to get better. thanks

What is esteem token /points.
And how can I use it?

It looks so good

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These are great news! Will be following the developments!

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Fantastic I will be getting involved asap!

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Get Involved friends.

Nice one! Looking forward for next update!

How does the esteem app compare to Partiko? I am new to steemit and am currently using Partiko but always open to trying new options out :)

I love the new V2, it's awesome! It's nice we can transfer on it also, I was wondering when eSteem would get token and luckily I just found this post. Please make sure not to make the same mistake as partook, they offer to swap the points for something but the user don't get the rewards because they get burnt (or something I dont understand!)

We will make separate post about how ESTM can be used 😉

Well due to this development it makes sense to me, for steem devoted people, esteem make it eas for them to growup together, a reasonable price of token can give some extra which would be a good stuff means it really mean it for me and for all steemian. Thanks for those who are willingly created more income resources.

For that reason it's important to experiment with the design of our token before it launches as an SMT.

Good thinking.

thats awesome I have been using eSTEEM for some time

Might be time to try on a new pair of socks. 😁

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good and best

Excited for ESTM

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Finally, the long-awaited has arrived!

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @esteemapp, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

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That’s great, it like dream comes true. Because when I started using I thought I going to get rewards in esteem token but I was wrong I found that it is an app for steem it. But the misunderstanding comes true

The elected app for me to post when I am on my PC (or across several other PCs) and sometimes (depends on the post) on my iPhone. Been telling everyone for a reason...

Great news!

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This is so awesome.

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Congratulations guys.. more work

Looking forward to see it in action, quite exciting...let’s see what future holds

Yes you are right 100%. Let’s see